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Playboy Tongue Rings

Bad Girl Spiked Ball Tongue RingsTongue piercings are widely considered one of the sexiest types of body piercings you can get, but if you're looking for over-the-top sexy, get a Playboy tongue ring to wear in your tongue piercing! The Playboy bunny is an icon that oozes sexuality. Ladies who wear Playboy tongue rings are as sexy as any Playboy Playmate, and guys who wear a tongue ring with the iconic Playboy bunny on it are telling the world they're as cool as Hugh Hefner.

The Playboy bunny rabbit head image that's inlaid in our 316L stainless steel tongue barbells is an international symbol of the player and the sexy diva in all of us. Playboy body jewelry is just plain H-O-T, and Playboy tongue rings are the most popular branded body jewelry on the market, so add some fire to your wardrobe with a Playboy tongue ring!

Painful Pleasures offers the world's largest selection of body jewelry, with more gauge, length, material, and style options than any other online body jewelry company. Check out our picture logo rings to find the perfect Playboy tongue ring to go along with your collection of Playboy body jewelry. We have lots of sexy options when it comes to picture logo tongue rings, which are available with 6mm ball tops, 8mm ball tops, and flat tops. Choose from options like "Bad Girl", "Party Girl", "Jail Bait", "Pimp", "Spank Me", "Hot Lover", and many more. Check out some of our 200+ picture logo tongue ring designs below, or visit our Picture Logo Tongue Rings section to see our entire selection.


Picture Logo Tongue Ring Options