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Cheap Tongue Rings: Good Quality, Low Cost Tongue Barbells

Jeweled Stainless Steel Tongue RingsIf you're looking for cheap tongue rings but don't want to sacrifice quality, then you've come to the right place! Industry leader Painful Pleasures has buying power that allows us to offer great-quality body jewelry at wholesale prices, even to the general public. That means you can get tongue rings cheap from us without getting cheaply-made tongue rings.


Cheap Tongue Rings Defined

At Painful Pleasures, "cheap" isn't a dirty word. It simply means inexpensive, not low quality. In fact, most of the body jewelry we offer is the highest-quality body jewelry on the market, but we sell it at the lowest possible prices. How do we do it? We use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture much of the body jewelry we carry ourselves, we have more than 13 years of sourcing experience that helps us get great deals on supplemental body jewelry, our staff is devoted to getting our customers the best possible prices, and we're not greedy. We'd rather sell a lot of jewelry at low prices and make a lot of people happy than sell a little jewelry at a high mark-up.

The shafts of our cheap tongue rings are made from high-quality solid titanium or 316L surgical stainless steel, and they come with quality ends, like watertight, dental-grade acrylic balls that won't fade over time. We also have a variety of other cheap tongue rings with metal balls, tops in different shapes and styles, and more amazing options to choose from than you'd expect to find when shopping a site that's proud to offer tongue rings for cheap, as well as tons of other cool body jewelry at everyday low prices. Again, cheap just means low-cost, inexpensive body jewelry; it's still awesome body jewelry that you'll be excited to get in the mail and even more excited to wear out for the first time!


Our Collection of Cheap Tongue Rings

If you're still finding it hard to believe that our cheap tongue rings could actually be made of high-quality materials, take a close look at what we offer in our Straight Barbells section. Read our product descriptions for details about the quality construction of each tongue ring we carry. Not sure where to start? Take a peek at some of our favorite cheap tongue rings below:

High-Quality Cheap Tongue Rings

Solid Titanium Straight Barbells | Titanium Tongue Rings Koosh Ball Tongue Rings Baseball & Football Tongue Rings
Solid Titanium Tongue Rings Koosh Ball Tongue Rings Baseball & Football Tongue Rings
Picture Logo Straight Barbells | Picture Logo Tongue Rings Funky Art Straight Barbells | Colorful Acrylic Tongue Rings Steel Star Tongue Ring
Picture Logo Straight Barbells Funky Art Tongue Rings Star Tongue Rings
Emoticon Smiley Face Cheap Tongue Rings Slave Tongue Rings | Tongue Rings With Slave Captive Rings Disco Gem Ball Black Tongue Rings
Emoticon Smiley Face Tongue Rings Slave Tongue Rings Disco Gem Ball Black Tongue Rings
Steel Tongue Ring With Pin-Striped Balls Whistle Tongue Rings Barrel Top Straight Barbell Tongue Rings
Pin-Striped Steel Barbells Whistle Tongue Rings Cool Steel Tongue Rings


Shop our entire selection of cheap tongue rings now, or visit our Tongue Ring Information Guide to see a list of all of our tongue ring and tongue piercing articles, which includes links to and a synopsis of each article listed.