Tongue Rings

Tongue Ring Information Guide

We offer a variety of tongue piercing and tongue ring articles, and we've put together this handy guide to help you more easily navigate all of that helpful tongue piercing information. Peruse our lists of tongue piercing and tongue ring articles, read synopses of the articles, and click on any title to read an article in its entirety.

Tongue Rings

Learn about standard tongue ring sizes, how to change your barbell shaft if the one you have isn't the right size, when it's okay to change your tongue ring, what to do if you want to stretch your tongue piercing, and where to find a variety of different types of tongue rings in this article.

Cool Tongue Rings

If you're looking for a super cool tongue ring, then this article's for you! We show you some of the coolest tongue rings in our extensive collection of straight barbells, as well as a few of the tongue ring accessories we carry that can make your tongue ring more fun for you and your partner. This article will also point you to our full tongue ring selection and some of our other helpful tongue ring and tongue piercing information articles.

Gold Tongue Ring Options

Ready to upgrade your jewelry, but don't know where to find the perfect gold tongue ring? We offer several custom gold tongue ring options and over 75 gold tongue ring tops. Check out some of our favorites, including gold tops shaped like spiders, bees, dragonflies, skulls, and flowers, learn where to find all of our gold tongue ring options, and get tips for switching your current tongue ring to a gold tongue ring here.

Wholesale Tongue Rings

Tongue piercings are one of the most popular types of piercings, and Painful Pleasures has all the wholesale tongue rings you could possibly want for your personal collection or your shop. We sell our tongue rings at wholesale prices even to the general public, but we offer extra-low prices to industry professionals in our Wholesale and Distributor stores and to those who purchase in bulk. If you're a piercer, now is the time to stock up on wholesale straight barbells so you can increase your profit margin on every tongue piercing you do!

Custom Tongue Rings

If you're interested in learning about all the different ways you can customize your tongue ring, or just want to know where to find our custom tongue rings, you'll find the information you need here. We discuss how to change to a different gauge and/or length barbell, how to customize your tongue ring by adding a new top or accessory to it, and more.

Cheap Tongue Rings: Good Quality, Low Cost Tongue Barbells

Painful Pleasures is proud to offer the best selection of cheap tongue rings online, but we have a different definition of cheap than some of our competitors do. To us, cheap means low-priced, not low quality. Our cheap tongue rings aren't made from low-grade materials like coated titanium and the other junk you may find elsewhere. They're made from only the highest-quality materials, including solid titanium, 316L surgical stainless steel, and watertight, dental-grade acrylic that won't fade over time.

Picture and Logo Tongue Rings

Picture and logo tongue rings are a cool way to express your individuality, and we offer more picture logo tongue ring options than you'll find nearly anywhere else in the world! Choose from flat-topped, standard ball, and two-sided ball-topped tongue rings featuring a wide variety of graphics, like hearts, smiley faces, cards, dice, cherries, and cool phrases like "Bad Girl", "Pimp", "Got Pot?", and more.

Clear Tongue Ring Jewelry

If you're wondering how you can best hide your tongue ring at work or around family, clear tongue rings (a.k.a. tongue piercing retainers) are the answer. Read this article to find out where you can purchase clear and light pink tongue piercing retainers, and which style of retainer may work best for you.