Tattoo Information

How to Choose a Tattoo Artist

There are many things that a person should take into consideration when choosing a tattoo artist. If this is your first tattoo, you need to be even more cautious. It is imperative that you do your research to ensure that you are safe and the quality of your tattoo is not compromised by shady practices.

Options, Benefits & Tips for Using Tattoo Practice Skin

In this article, we talk about the best types of tattoo practice skin, which include Precision 2nd Skin Tattoo Practice Skin and A Pound of Flesh tattoo practice body parts. We also explain the benefits of each of these options and how to use them to practice your tattooing skills and create salable works of art.

Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machines & Professional Tattoo Equipment

The Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machine was built to very exacting specifications for precision artists who want to work with responsive machines they can control fully and easily. Cheyenne Hawk machines provide all the benefits of rotary tattoo machines, but without sacrificing the feedback response found with coil machines. Learn about the history of Cheyenne, the different models and supplementary equipment available, technical specifications, where to find helpful Cheyenne resources, and more in this article.

Choosing a Tattoo Power Supply

Tattoo artists take pride in their artwork, and to perform at their peak ability, they look for the best equipment for their needs. Not only do you need the right tattoo machine, you also need the right equipment to power one or more machines...

Dragonfly Tattoo Machine FAQs

Here you will find a copy of the DRAGONFLY Instruction Manual which can help you start to use your new Dragonfly Machine which you can purchase here . Here are some frequently asked questions about Dragonfly tattoo machines...

Proper Tattoo & Piercing Tool Maintenance

It's important to properly clean, sterilize and lubricate tattoo and piercing tools so that they last over time, as well as to protect your clients. Tools that have been improperly cared for may cause a client to develop infection or even tetanus. It's even possible to transmit blood-borne diseases between clients if you don't clean and sterilize your instruments in between each modification you perform. Learn the best way to care for your tools in our Proper Tattoo & Piercing Tool Maintenance article...