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Ego Tattoo Machines

There's no shame in having an Ego... rotary tattoo machine, that is! With one of Bez's Egos in your hands and tools like the Ego Power Triangle System and Alpha Style Bio Grips at your fingertips, you can take your craft to new levels. You'll be able to tattoo for hours on end in total comfort, creating art that justifies being an Ego-maniac. Learn all about Ego's futuristic rotary tattoo machine and the man behind the line, Bez of Triplesix Studios, in this article...

Measuring Glove Size

Not sure what size gloves you need for your next procedure? This glove size chart will help you find the size you need for a proper fit.

Managing Your Tattoo Shop

If you're a new business owner or are thinking about opening a studio, it's important to know what's involved in successfully managing a tattoo shop. What elements, tools, tips, and tricks will help you stand heads and shoulders above your competition? What do you need to know to protect your clients physically and yourself and your staff legally? In this article, we touch on all the basics from shop safety to managing day-to-day operations to marketing your business and beyond. Even if you're an established tattoo shop owner, you're sure to learn something new...

Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machines

What sets Bishop Rotary tattoo machines apart from other rotary machines? Is it the quality materials they're made of, their precision Maxon Swiss motors, the balanced design of these rotary machines, their light weight, or something else altogether? We take a close look at Bishop Rotary tattoo machines in this article, analyze their history, and dissect their many benefits to give you all the info you need to decide if a Bishop Rotary tattoo machine is for you...

Body Modification Skin Prep

Proper skin prep is an important part of the body modification process. It eliminates any bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms clinging to a client's skin so that they aren't pushed beneath the dermis and given easy access to a person's bloodstream, where they could wreak havoc on your client's immune system. By properly cleaning a person's skin before modifying them, you're preserving your client's health and protecting yourself from potential legal recourse. Learn the best skin prep methods for tattooing, piercing and scarification in this article...

How to Use the PreSynergy Tattoo System

Painful Pleasures' new PreSynergy tattoo grips and tips combine high-quality component parts, affordable prices and flexibility to give you the ultimate in disposable tattoo tubes. Instead of storing or toting bulky disposable tattoo tubes equipped with every tip style you could possibly need, simplify your life with our PreSynergy tattoo system. Just pair our PreSynergy tattoo tube and grip units with your choice of tips to create a truly synergistic tattooing tool that conforms to your needs in the moment...

How Coil Tattoo Machine Springs Work

Normally the mental image of a spring is a spiraled coil that you can compress, release and literally see spring back upward. When it comes to tattoo machines, though, springs aren't coils and coils aren't springs! Learn what coil tattoo machine springs look like, what they do, how they attach to an armature bar, what role they play in creating the circuit that drives a coil tattoo machine, why they come in different shapes and thicknesses, and more in this article...

History of Tattoos

The tradition of tattooing oneself to commemorate life achievements, heal the body, expand the mind, memorialize loved ones, and enhance one's physical appearance is as old as mankind itself and permeates nearly every culture around the globe. Its prevalence in mainstream culture today is stronger and more wide-spread than ever. How did tattooing progress from its simple origins, when tattoos consisted of dots and lines hammered into skin with crude tools and dyes, to the highly-regarded art form it is today? Read all about the rich history of tattoos in this article...

Intenze Bottles & Black Caps - 2015 Update

In 2015, Intenze made the bold new move of introducing new bottles and black caps to enhance the tattoo artist experience when using Intenze Products. In addition to upgrading the bottles and caps, Intenze now offers a 12oz size in both Zuper Black and Intenze Cleanze.

Tattoo Supplies

There are so many different types and brands of tattoo supplies to choose from that it can be overwhelming even for seasoned tattoo artists to figure out which supplies to buy. In this article, we highlight the tattoo supplies that every tattoo artist needs most as well as some of the top brands available to give you a solid overview of your options and help you choose the right tattoo supplies to add to your collection.