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Tattoo Management Software

Painful Pleasures offers Tattoo Management Software developed by REV23 Development, Inc. Tattoo Management Studio is a complete software package for your tattoo and body piercing studio.  This software package is built specifically for the industry by industry professionals.  It is the most comprehensive, and only software designed for tattoo and body piercing shop management.

Tattoo Management Studio is extremely flexible and molds into any tattoo or piercing business with a completely customizable work flow that will fit perfectly into your studio.

Some of the benefits to Tattoo Management Studio include:

  1. The Virtual Receptionist - Text Message & Email Appointment reminders to your clients. Email aftercare instructions automatically after an appointment has ended.
  2. Google Calendar Integration - Integrate your calendar and your artists calendars with Google Calendars to keep everyone in sync with the Shop Calendar and Appointments.
  3. Time Clock - Keep track of your houlrly employees by having them Clock In and Clock Out via the local Time Clock Manager.
  4. Deposits & Credits - Easily keep track of deposits and credits for your customers appointments.
  5. Gift Cards - Gift Cards are integrated with Tattoo Management Studio. Sell Gift Cards for every occassion in order to increase your business at your Studio.
  6. Integrated Email Marketing - Upload contact lists and send out marketing emails easily.
  7. Go Digital - Eliminate paper release forms and preserve space with signature capture. Instantly enter client information using a Bar Code Scanner and their license.
  8. Reporting - Print out a payout report and time clock detail report to easily pay your artists and employees.  Print out daily summary reports, inventory reports and much more to keep track of your business everyday.

These benefits are just a few of the benefits of Tattoo Management Studio Software. To learn more go to and download a free trial today.

Questions about the software, call 410-220-5120, Tuesday through Thursday 9:30am - 6pm and Friday and Saturday 12pm - 8pm.