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Jewelry Assembly

There are endless options for your jewelry sometimes making it a little overwhelming to browse through all of the options. Painful Pleasures is making it easier for you. In the mean time if you have questions about what ends go with what shafts, you can read more about threading here, or simply email us and ask us what you are thinking about doing.

The main groups of body jewelry are Bent Barbells, Captive Bead Rings, Circular Barbells, Labrets, Straight Barbells, Dermals, and Surface Barbells.  For each piece of jewelry the main shaft, ring or anchor which is most often Stainless Steel, Titanium, Niobium, or sometimes Acrylic, and then either balls, gems, discs, or beads that can be changed on each piece. 

Painful Pleasures makes jewelry assembly easy for you. Pick out different shaft, ring, or anchor, plus the balls, gems, discs, or beads and we will assemble the jewelry free of charge. Just be sure to check out for this listing and include the pieces of jewelry you would like assembled.  You can visit our Jewelry Assembly Video Page to see all videos or view them here.

Belly Ring Charm & Gauge

Labret Shaft & Top

Straight Barbell Shaft & Ends

Circular Barbell Ends

Captive Bead Ring

If you have any questions about jewelry assembly, don't hesitate to email us.