Software and Services

Painful Pleasures offers services and software to aid in optimizing your business operations. From a try before you buy tattoo machine rental service to Studio Software.

Tattoo Management Software

Painful Pleasures offers Tattoo Management Software developed by REV23 Development, Inc. Tattoo Management Studio is a complete software package for your tattoo and body piercing studio. This software package is built specifically for the industry by industry professionals. It is the most comprehensive, and only software designed for tattoo and body piercing shop management.

Print & Design

Painful Pleasures Graphics department is expanding it's Print & Design product selection. So what does Print & Design mean? Painful Pleasures has a team of people who work hard to take your art work and make it come to life at an affordable price. Or if you have an idea and don't quite know how to design it or where to start, let our Graphic Design team design it for you right out of our Hanover, MD shop.

Website Design

Our Painful Pleasures Graphics Department works hard to offer artists and businesses the custom products you need to succeed. One of the simplest and most efficient ways of branding your name and advertising is the creation of a website to drive traffic and show off your work and your shop.

Product Sterilization

Painful Pleasures will sterilize your jewelry for an additional fee. We use a Statim Autoclave to sterilize your jewelry in house. We test the Autoclave monthly using the Biological Monitoring System Spore Test Kit. This ensures the Autoclave is working and your jewelry is sterilized.

Drop Ship Program

We do not offer a Drop Ship Program; however, if you are interested we do offer an Affiliate Program. You can find more out about it here.