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Painful Pleasures is proud to offer one of the most informative piercing and tattoo websites in the world and wholesale supplies, including piercing and tattoo supplies, body jewelry, alternative apparel, and more. Our online community provides a range of resources to piercing and tattoo enthusiasts, and our online stores serve industry professionals and retail customers alike, all of whom can benefit from our extensive selection of wholesale-priced products. The key to our success is how easy we make it for people to find exactly what they want and need.

If you're not sure where to begin, take a look at this simple breakdown of our site to get started:

Stores: We offer 3 stores in order to best serve a variety of individuals and businesses with varying needs. Read the descriptions below to decide which store is right for you, then click the name to go there now and start shopping.

  • RetailOur Retail store is for anyone and everyone, from someone looking for a nice new pair of earrings, plugs, other body jewelry, or even just a cool t-shirt to a tattoo artist who needs to pick up 1 or 2 more things before a convention and doesn't want to place a big wholesale order. You'll still benefit from our amazing wholesale prices even when shopping Retail. Plus, save even more with our weekly coupons!***
  • WholesaleOur Wholesale store is for industry professionals looking to spend $100 to $500 on supplies and other merchandise. We offer special reduced pricing to our Wholesale customers, beyond our regular great prices. You can save even more by purchasing many of our products in bulk. (Tiered quantity discounts are detailed on the product detail pages where applicable.) Don't forget to check out our newsletters for additional weekly coupons and special deals!***
  • DistributorOur Distributor store is for professionals in the tattoo, piercing, and medical industries planning to purchase $500+ worth of supplies at a time. We offer our best prices to our Distributor customers, as well as additional price breaks on select products when purchased in bulk. Plus, if you sign up for our weekly newsletters, we'll send you coupons and let you know when we're running special deals.***

***You can sign up for our weekly newsletters using the box in the bottom-right corner of every page of our website. Note that you must be in the Wholesale store to sign up for the Wholesale newsletter or in the Distributor store to sign up for the Distributor emails. If you sign up from our homepage, the Retail store, or on one of our online community pages (forum, gallery, videos, etc.), you'll be signing up for the Retail newsletter.

The Painful Pleasures Online Community: We're proud to offer an online community that educates people about tattoos and piercings, provides a photo gallery where members can share photos of their mods or create online portfolios featuring their work, videos that show body mod procedures and more, an informative blog, news and events pertaining to our company and the industry, and much more. 

To become a member of the community, sign up online, verify your account via email, then click on one of the tabs on our site to start exploring! You can also use these convenient links:

Everything on our site is just a click away. If you have any trouble along the way, reach out to us; submit a ticket or email us directly at [email protected]. Enjoy!