Shop Safety

Sterilization by Heat

In our Sterilization Methods article, we list the various ways you can sterilize tattoo supplies, body jewelry, piercing supplies, and other body modification tools. Here we take a closer look at the heat-based sterilization methods. We explore sterilization by steam, dry heat, boiling, flame, and complete incineration in more detail, including the benefits and drawbacks of each heat-based sterilization method..

Piercing Safely

Piercing safely means looking out for your clients' health and well being, and it also means protecting yourself and your staff both physically and legally. We talk about business licenses, handling intoxicated clients, piercing and minors, what products and tools to use to keep your shop clean and sterile, and everything else you need to keep in mind for your clients' and your safety.

Sterilization Methods

Your clients' trust is a gift that can make or break your business. They put their safety in your hands every day, which is why it's important for you to utilize the best sterilization methods available to clean tools, jewelry and other tattoo and piercing supplies. Why is sterilization so important? What sterilization methods can you use? Are some methods better than others for a tattoo and piercing shop? We answer these questions and more in this article, Sterilization Methods .

Sample Body Piercing Release Form

This article includes a sample Body Piercing Release Form that you can use as a template to build one for your business. Please note that you should consult with local counsel before using this release form or any derivative of it.

How to Setup a Sterile Field

It's imperative to your clients' safety that you setup a sterile field before each piercing or other body modification procedure you do, and that you maintain that sterile field throughout the modification process. In our How to Setup a Sterile Field article, we walk you through the process and point you to helpful tools, like where to purchase sterile medical supplies and convenient aftercare instructions you can share with your clients.

Proper Tattoo & Piercing Tool Maintenance

It's important to properly clean, sterilize and lubricate tattoo and piercing tools so that they last over time, as well as to protect your clients. Tools that have been improperly cared for may cause a client to develop infection or even tetanus. It's even possible to transmit blood-borne diseases between clients if you don't clean and sterilize your instruments in between each modification you perform. Learn the best way to care for your tools in our Proper Tattoo & Piercing Tool Maintenance article.

Sterilizing With Nylon Tubing

If you want to use nylon sterilization tubing to clean piercing tools and jewelry in your dry steam electric sterilizer, our Sterilizing With Nylon Tubing instructions will help. We provide tips for cutting and sealing nylon tubing in preparation for sterilizing tools and other items, as well as troubleshooting tips to help you if your nylon tubing bags burst, become brittle, allow moisture inside, or are problematic in other ways.

Maintaining a Sterile Work Environment

Learn ways to keep your tattoo and piercing shop and tools clean, so that you can maintain a safe environment for your clients and staff alike. We discuss popular cleaners and what each can be used to clean, autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners, resources for sterilizing clients' skin before modifying them, and other sterilization tools and techniques in this article, Maintaining a Sterile Work Environment .

Sharps Disposable Recovery System

Accidental needle sticks from improperly-disposed syringes are an unwanted hazard for thousands of people each year. Because of that, the Environmental Protection Agency now recommends Sharps Disposal by Mail System® and advises the public on the proper disposal of syringes. Learn more about Sharps Disposable Recovery Systems and the options available to you.