Shop Safety

Tergazyme vs. Alconox

Tergazyme and Alconox are two leading brands of ultrasonic cleaner detergents that you can use in your personal or shop's ultrasonic cleaner to more thoroughly clean body jewelry, tattoo equipment and piercing tools before autoclaving them. We discuss the differences between these two product lines so you can pick the best one to use in your tattoo and piercing shop.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

What is an ultrasonic cleaner, and why do you need one for your tattoo and piercing shop? How do you use ultrasonic cleaners? We answer these questions and more, including what type of detergent to use with your machine, in this informative article on ultrasonic cleaners.

Topical Skin Cleansers Used to Prep for Tattoos & Piercings

Skin prep is an important first step in the body modification process, but with so many options available, what's the best skin cleanser for a tattoo or piercing artist to use? What are the benefits and drawbacks of the various pre-tattoo and -piercing skin prep options? We cover all of the most popular topical skin cleansers and skin prep options available and tell you which ones are best for which types of body mods so that you can make an informed decision about the skin prep supplies you use in your shop.

Tattoo & Piercing Sterilization Techniques

Throughout our Sterilization Series, we've discussed all sterilization methods briefly and delved into those methods most appropriate for use in tattoo and piercing shops--namely, sterilization by steam and sterilization by heat. With this groundwork laid, we now turn our attention to proper implementation of the specific sterilization techniques used in tattoo and piercing shops and proper handling of disposable pre-sterilized tattoo and piercing supplies. Learn the proper steps you should take when sterilizing instruments and body jewelry in your shop, whether you use an autoclave,...

Sterilization Alternatives for Small Shops

Autoclaving is by far the most effective and efficient sterilization method for tattoo and piercing shops to utilize, but for a small shop, an autoclave isn't necessarily an economical option. What alternatives do you have if you own a small shop and can't afford to purchase an autoclave? We'll share our tips for sterilizing your tattoo and piercing tools and body jewelry effectively while on a budget in this article, Sterilization Alternatives for Small Shops .

Why It's Important to Wear Gloves When Modifying

If you've ever wondered if it's really all that important to wear gloves when performing body modifications, then you need to read this article. In it, we talk about how gloves protect you and your clients, as well as what types of gloves are available and how to decide whether latex gloves or nitrile gloves are the better option for you to use in your shop.

Sterilization Classes

It's important to regularly check your autoclave to make sure that it's working properly--a task you can accomplish using a variety of chemical indicator (CI) tests. There are 6 different classes of CIs, 5 of which check to ensure that different components of an autoclave's core processes are working and 1 that includes an additional biological testing component. We break down the 6 classes and explain why tests from some classes are better than others.

Which Disinfectants to Use When

Which disinfectants should you use to clean surfaces in your shop, like tattoo chairs, piercing beds, walls, counter tops and floors? Which disinfectants are best for cleaning instruments? Is there a proper procedure for applying disinfectants? In this article, we compare the top disinfectants for tattoo and piercing shops and provide tips on which ones to use on what. We've also included some helpful sterilization tips and resources for your reference as you clean shop.

Sterilization by Steam

In this third installment of our Sterilization Series, we delve into the process of sterilization by steam using autoclaves. We discuss the differences between vaporization and condensation, explain saturated steam's role in the sterilization process, break down the cycle that occurs when you sterilize objects using steam, detail potential issues, explain how standard tattoo and piercing shop autoclaves work, and name sterilization by steam the King of Sterilization Methods.

Choosing the Most Sanitary Tattoo & Piercing Shop

Consumer Guide: When you get a new tattoo or piercing, your body has to heal the resulting wound. From the time you get your new mod to the time it heals, the wound will be highly susceptible to bacteria. It's important to find a reputable, sanitary and generally well-kept shop to do your new body mod for you to minimize your risks of taking bacteria or other evil microorganisms home with you when you leave. Not sure what to look for to know with certainty that you've chosen a good tattoo and piercing studio? Don't fret, because this guide will help you pinpoint problem areas when...