Print & Design

Creating Custom Greeting Cards & Envelopes

Limitless custom cards and envelopes offer a unique marketing option and upsell opportunity for tattoo and piercing shops. You can use our 5" x 7" cards to create stunning event invitations, or decorate them with your tattooists' artwork and sell them as one-of-a-kind greeting cards with matching envelopes that your clients will love. We also offer 9.5" x 4.125" custom envelopes that you can brand with your logo and use to mail out custom flyers, brochures and business letters. Find out how to start designing custom cards and envelopes of your own in this article.

How to Create Custom Acrylic Signs

Limitless custom acrylic signs offer you numerous ways to feature products and special offers in your shop, display your tattooists' artwork on your walls, promote your shop's custom gift cards, call attention to products you're selling at conventions, and more. Learn about your custom acrylic frame options, how to create posters, signs and custom business card display graphics, and more in this article.

Creating Your Brand

Building a brand can be a daunting task. At minimum, you have to come up with a good business name, create a logo, define your mission, create a solid tagline for your business, and make sure that all of your advertising materials consistently convey a cohesive message that prospective clients can instantly associate with your business. In this article, we'll walk you through what you need to know when choosing a business name, creating a strong logo and tagline, and how you can use Limitless custom products to build your brand.

How to Display & Sell Your Art

Making a great living as an artist can be tough unless you're really well known and your art is highly sought after. Fortunately, whether you're a tattoo artist, a painter or another type of artist, you now have more ways than ever to supplement the income you make from your original artwork thanks to our Limitless products. We offer a wide variety of options for displaying and selling your artwork in unique ways that are sure to appeal to your fans. Learn about our custom printed marketing materials, signs, personalized products, and other customized products in this article.

How to Market Yourself With Limitless Products

Whether you're a tattoo artist, a piercer or another type of body modification artist, it's important to get the volume of business you want and need to sustain yourself. Working at a high-traffic tattoo and piercing shop may provide you with a steady inflow of clients, but if you want to expand your business or aren't getting the traffic you need, our Limitless Print & Design Center can help! Learn how to market yourself more effectively using Limitless custom print marketing materials, banners, signs, displays, and personalized merchandise.

How to Market Your Shop With Limitless Products

Marketing your tattoo and piercing shop has never been easier, thanks to Limitless custom products. We offer custom business cards, flyers, signs, displays, brochures, stickers, magnets, stationary, customizable merchandise you can sell in your shop, and more, all featuring your art. Read this article to learn about the custom products available in our Print & Design Center and how you can use them to market your tattoo and piercing shop in your community and at conventions.

Designing Your Custom Business Cards

Did you know that we now offer custom business cards through our Print & Design Center? You can currently choose from three Limitless custom business card options: 2" x 3.5" traditional rectangular business cards, round corner cards, or oval cards custom-printed with your business info. Each card will feature your chosen design, and all of your business cards will be printed on high-quality card stock using only the best ink. Whether you need cards to promote yourself, your tattoo studio or another business, our custom business cards will make a bold statement.

Designing Custom Stickers & Magnets

Through our Print & Design Center, Painful Pleasures is now able to provide tattoo artists, piercers, shop owners, and other industry professionals with custom stickers and magnets in a variety of styles that they can use to promote their businesses. Learn about the different types of custom stickers and magnets from which you can choose, and get all the technical info you need to order and personalize your first batch of custom stickers, custom magnets or both in this helpful article.

Designing Your A-Frame Sign

If you're interested in purchasing one of our custom A-frame signs to advertise your tattoo and piercing shop or even your booth at a body mod convention, we can provide you with a unique solution: versatile sidewalk signs that you can use to feature dry-erase board messages, two custom posters, or a hand-written message and a poster on the opposing sides of your A-frame sign. In this article, you'll learn how simple it is to order an A-frame sign customized with art you provide or that we've designed specifically for you.

Designing Your Custom Banner

Creating a custom banner to advertise your business has never been easier! Our Limitless line of custom advertising options includes 4 traditional banners and Outside Window Perforated Film for your shop. Just choose a product, select your desired banner or Outside Window Perforated Film dimensions, choose a type of grommets or none, send us your art, and we'll make a custom banner or large window decal for your shop! Need help designing your custom banner? No problem! We do that, too. Learn how easy it is to create the banner of your dreams.