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The Power of Healing Stone Jewelry

For thousands of years, people have used healing crystals and stones as mental, physical and spiritual aids. Each stone's unique composition imbues it with powerful energy that can be utilized for specific purposes, such as to protect, heal, release spiritual blockages, energize, provide mental clarity, and more. Physical contact with a healing stone is often the key to unlocking its power, which makes healing stone jewelry a valuable tool. It's important to understand the powers of each stone before you choose healing crystal jewelry, which is why we've prepared this guide...

Ear Stretching FAQs

Learn about the history of stretching ears, why stretched lobes are still popular today, the best methods for stretching your earlobes, what other piercings can be stretched, what types of cool jewelry are available for stretched lobes, how to properly care for your piercings while you stretch them, and more in these helpful Ear Stretching FAQs.

Ear Jewelry for All Sized Lobes

Whether you have standard-sized earlobe piercings or stretched ears, we have the perfect ear jewelry for you! Peruse the many combinations of style, material and size options we offer, ranging from French hook earrings and studs for standard earlobe piercings to large gauge earrings for slightly stretched lobes to awesome plugs and tunnels for stretched lobes upwards of size 0g. Whatever type of ear jewelry your heart desires is here... and if you don't know what you want, we have ideas for you!...