Piercing Information

Pregnant & Pierced

Pregnant and pierced? Don't feel like you have to remove your belly button ring. We have all the tools and body jewelry you need for a healthy pregnancy with a pierced navel.

When Good Piercings Go Bad

Unfortunately, sometimes a new piercing comes with new problems, like an unexpected metal allergy or an infection. our "good piercings gone bad" piercing pictures and tips will help you identify the issue you're having so you know the most appropriate next steps to take to solve the problem and get your piercing back on the path to healing.

Piercing Retainers

Body piercings are more accepted now than ever before, but there are still times when you need to make a piercing or two more discreet. Maybe you're visiting grandma and don't want to offend her with your new nose ring, or maybe you're worried your lip ring might jeopardize an upcoming job interview. You could even be looking for a non-metal alternative to hold your piercings open while you have a medical procedure. Whatever the case, we have the perfect piercing retainer recommendations for you!

New Body Piercing FAQs

New piercings often come with lots of questions. Even if you're a piercing veteran, occasionally a new problem crops up that you need guidance to address. Our New Body Piercing FAQs cover the basics, from what you need to do to avoid infection to when it's safe to change your jewelry, what the best type of jewelry for your piercing is to what to do if you don't find the answer to your question here.

History of Body Piercings

Learn brief histories on some of the most popular piercings you can get. Explore the piercing traditions of Ancient Rome, indigenous tribes, and pop culture artists.

Types of Body Piercings

Our comprehensive list of types of piercings is a great reference when you're contemplating your next piercing project. We've included an ear piercing diagram with details about each type of ear piercing, a list of lip piercing options, explanations of each type of male and female genital piercing, and other types of piercings.

Piercing Videos

We have piercing videos you can watch on our site, on our YouTube channel, or on your home TV! Our online piercing videos will show you how to use our piercing tools, the methods used to do a variety of different piercings and more, and our instructional piercing DVDs will help you learn new piercing techniques.

Nipple Piercing Pictures & Genital Piercing Pictures

If you're looking for nipple piercing photos and male and female genital piercing pictures, join our Body Mod Photo Gallery! Members over 18 will have full access to our photo gallery after logging in. Learn how to create an account and start viewing all the male and female mature tattoo and piercing photos you want now.

Piercing Needles & Other Piercing Supplies

Over 15 years ago, Painful Pleasures was founded with the goal of providing piercers and other body modification artists the tools they need to practice their trades. We're proud to offer one of the world's best selections of wholesale piercing supplies, so you can shop for everything you need for your business at one convenient online destination and have your piercing supplies delivered right to your door.