Piercing Information

Tongue Piercing FAQs

Our Tongue Piercing FAQs answer the most common questions people have about tongue piercings, like how much tongue piercings cost, where to get a tongue piercing, what's involved with tongue piercing aftercare, what tongue piercing options exist, how to stretch a pierced tongue, and other tongue piercing information. We've also included tongue piercing photos to illustrate the different types of tongue piercings and the wide assortment of tongue rings and other tongue piercing supplies available through Painful Pleasures.

Dermal Piercing & Surface Piercing FAQs

Some of the most popular types of piercings people get now are surface and dermal piercings. But why? Are dermal, microdermal and surface piercing all names for the same type of piercing, or are they actually different piercings? If they aren't the same, then what makes them different from each other? Can I get a surface or dermal piercing anywhere on my body? Aren’t dermals and surface piercings highly prone to rejection? Read on for the answers to these questions and more.

The Basics of Male & Female Genital Piercings

Female and male genital piercings are really popular these days. Why? They’re sexy! Plus, many genital piercings provide sexual pleasure…but which ones? And who benefits more, men or women? How many types of genital piercings are there? What's the aftercare regime? How long do you have to wait to have sex again? There are so many questions when it comes to genital piercings! Fortunately we’re here to walk you through the basics.

Choosing a Piercer

If you want a new piercing and are looking for a reliable professional piercer to do it, our tips for choosing a piercer are sure to help. We cover the key things to look for when you're scoping out piercers in your area, like portfolios that include pictures of new <i>and</i> healed piercings, and clean shops that include all the right tools to help you know you'll be in good hands.

APP Tips for Choosing a Piercer

The Association of Professional Piercers developed this guide to help you choose the best piercing artist to do your first--or next--piercing. Learn what to look for in a prospective piercer's shop so that you'll know you're in good hands.

Sample Body Piercing Release Form

This article includes a sample Body Piercing Release Form that you can use as a template to build one for your business. Please note that you should consult with local counsel before using this release form or any derivative of it.

How to Properly Use a Dermal Punch

Dermal (or biopsy) punches are surgical instruments that are becoming more and more accepted in the body modification community. While not every body part needs to be dermal punched (in fact, we recommend the use of piercing needles for most piercings), if a large gauge piercing is desired in the cartilage of the ear, dermal punches can’t be beat! This article outlines how to properly use a dermal punch.

Proper Tattoo & Piercing Tool Maintenance

It's important to properly clean, sterilize and lubricate tattoo and piercing tools so that they last over time, as well as to protect your clients. Tools that have been improperly cared for may cause a client to develop infection or even tetanus. It's even possible to transmit blood-borne diseases between clients if you don't clean and sterilize your instruments in between each modification you perform. Learn the best way to care for your tools in our Proper Tattoo & Piercing Tool Maintenance article.