Piercing Information

Eyebrow Piercing FAQs

If you're thinking about getting an eyebrow piercing, but you aren't sure what style of jewelry would be best or you don't know anything about proper eyebrow piercing aftercare, no sweat! We'll cover these topics and more in these Eyebrow Piercing FAQs, like what gauge to start with, how to identify and deal with any post-piercing problems that arise, the coolest eyebrow rings on the market, and more.

Ear Stretching FAQs

In our Ear Stretching FAQs, learn about the history of stretching, get answers to commonly asked questions, and shop now for stretched piercing body jewelry.

Piercing Minors

Whether you're a parent of a child who wants to get pierced or a piercing artist trying to follow the rules, it's important to know your state's laws regarding piercing minors. To help you gain a better understanding of your state's regulations, we've put together a chart of rules for piercing minors by state. We've also included details about the legal repercussions of unlawfully piercing a minor where applicable.

Body Piercing Scars

When an abnormal bump appears around a piercing, people frequently jump to the conclusion that they're developing a keloid scar, but keloids are actually one of the most uncommon types of body piercing scars. In this article, we discuss the different types of piercing scars and other issues that can be mistaken for scarring, how to identify the type of bump around your current or retired piercing, and what to do about it whether it's a hypertrophic scar, an atrophic scar, a keloid, or just an irritation.

Proper Post-Modification Clean-up Procedures

Each time you finish a tattoo or piercing, it's important to clean your workspace thoroughly and properly prepare for your next client. In this article, we talk about the four main steps in this clean-up and prep process that will ensure you're ready to do the next modification on your schedule: properly disposing of used supplies, cleaning surfaces in your workspace, cleaning and sterilizing your reusable tools, and prepping your workspace for your next body mod.

Are Body Piercings Socially Acceptable?

People around the world have been piercing their bodies to adorn themselves with jewelry since ancient times. It's become a time-honored tradition--so much so that even infant girls have their ears pierced today. It's impossible to deny how deeply piercing permeates our culture and how many people have piercings now, but are they all socially acceptable? Read on to learn about public perception of different aspects and types of piercings today and the future of body piercing.

Our Take on Tattoo Tape

Did you know that there are 3 primary types of medical tape used in tattoo and piercing shops? Learn what these 3 types are, what sets them apart from each other, and how they're used in the body modification process to maintain a safe, sterile work environment and bandage clients; new mods before they head home.

Guide to Needle Play

Needle play may range from manipulation or stimulation of permanent piercings to insertion of play piercing needles in cool patterns to electronic stimulation of play piercing needles placed through folds of skin all over the body. Learn how to engage in needle play safely and about the various play piercing options you can explore in our <em>Guide to Needle Play</em>.

Lip Piercing FAQs

If you're interested in getting a lip piercing but you're not sure where to go, or you're looking for lip piercing aftercare tips, check out these helpful frequently asked questions and answers about lip piercings. We cover everything from how to turn a captive ring into a fake lip ring to stretching your lip piercing, where to find cool lip rings, and much more.

Web Piercing FAQs

What is a web piercing? How many types of web piercing are there? Are there any tongue web piercing risks? What's the proper term for a web piercing? What types of jewelry can be worn in a web piercing? How intense is tongue web piercing pain? What's the standard tongue web piercing healing time? Are some web piercings more discreet than others? We answer these questions and more in our Web Piercing FAQs .