Measuring Body Jewelry

Compatible Jewelry

There are many different, attractive body jewelry ends that can be paired with a variety of shafts, dermal anchors, surface barbells, and other body jewelry core components. You just have to pick ends and shafts or anchors with matching threading types and sizes to ensure that all the component parts will be compatible with each other. In this guide, we walk you through how to pick compatible jewelry ends for your body jewelry shafts and anchors.

How to Measure Organic Body Jewelry

How you measure organic body jewelry depends on the style of jewelry you're measuring. This article covers how to measure the size of plugs and tunnels in different shapes, as well as organic body jewelry in other shapes like spirals, talons, hooks, pinchers, and so on.

Measuring Body Jewelry

Have you ever wanted to know more about measuring body jewelry? This article outlines all the basic questions you may have about measuring body jewelry, including standard body jewelry sizes, length and diameter conversions, gauge conversions, ball size conversions, and threading.