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Compatible Jewelry

There are many different, attractive body jewelry ends that can be paired with a variety of shafts, dermal anchors, surface barbells, and other body jewelry core components. You just have to pick ends and shafts or anchors with matching threading types and sizes to ensure that all the component parts will be compatible with each other. In this guide, we walk you through how to pick compatible jewelry ends for your body jewelry shafts and anchors.

Ear Piercing Aftercare

Learn how to properly care for new earlobe piercings and ear cartilage piercings in this helpful Ear Piercing Aftercare guide. We discuss everything from what you should and shouldn't do during the healing process to how to clean your ear piercings, what to do if you experience any ear piercing problems, when you can change your earrings, what types of earrings are available for different types of ear piercings, and beyond...

How to Market Your Shop With Limitless Products

Marketing your tattoo and piercing shop has never been easier, thanks to Limitless custom products. We offer custom business cards, flyers, signs, displays, brochures, stickers, magnets, stationary, customizable merchandise you can sell in your shop, and more, all featuring your art. Read this article to learn about the custom products available in our Print & Design Center and how you can use them to market your tattoo and piercing shop in your community and at conventions.

Dragonfly Tattoo Machines by Ink Machines

Ink Machines is a Swedish tattoo machine manufacturer that prides itself on developing and testing its own products with the help of professional tattoo artists. Every tattoo machine they develop is produced in their state-of-the-art facility and backed by years of industry experience. The company's motto is "Designed With the Tattoo Artist in Focus", because they believe artists should have the freedom to create rather than worrying about the consistency of their tools. Learn more about Ink Machines' Dragonfly, Dragonfly X2 and Stingray rotary machines in this article...

Oral Web Piercing Aftercare

If you're thinking about getting an oral web piercing, it's important to brush up on proper web piercing aftercare and perform it regularly so your smiley, frowney or tongue web piercing heals well. In this Oral Web Piercing Care guide, you can learn about the benefits and drawbacks of oral web piercings, how to perform proper oral web piercing aftercare, what types of piercing problems may arise and how to deal with them, when to change your jewelry, what type of jewelry works best in oral web piercings, and more...