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Tongue Rings for Women

Tongue barbells are a very sexy type of body jewelry, making girls' tongue rings a perfect style of body jewelry for ladies. We offer a wide variety of sexy tongue rings you can add to your jewelry collection, like our "Good Girl"/"Bad Girl logo picture tongue rings, as well as cool tongue ring accessories that are sure to please your partner, like our tongue vines. Learn more about our many tongue rings for women here...

Fake Piercing Body Jewelry

Maybe you're squeamish and would rather not get pierced, but want to enjoy the beauty of body jewelry. Or do you just want to get a rise out of your parents or an uptight friend? Whatever the case, you're here looking for a fake belly button piercing ring, a fake nose ring, or some other type of non-piercing body jewelry... And we have what you need!...

California Proposition 65

CA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: Warning. Our products may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please see individual Material Safety Data Sheets for specific product information and contents. Click here for more info on CA Proposition 65 .

Shops to Avoid

The shops on this list are businesses who have not paid their bills, received their order and did a chargeback and kept the items, or shops who have stolen our images or content and used them as their own.