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Symbeos Rotary System & Tattoo Machines

When two companies who share a passion for the industry come together and have the ability to design and manufacture only the highest quality tools for it, you get a rotary machine like no other. Symbeos is the product of the collaborative efforts between full service tattoo equipment and supply company Eikon Device based in Ontario, Canada and veteran tattoo artists and machine builders HM Tools & Dye based in Madrid, Spain.

Symbeos is the first of its kind – a versatile rotary tattoo machine with the adaptability of a coil machine. Symbeos boasts over 45 different assembly combinations with its interchangeable parts and is available in three colors – Army Green, Matte Black, and Titanium – to fully personalize your setup. Rather than having to settle for how the machine is configured out of the box, Symbeos gives artists the freedom to choose their starting setup and then tune their machines precisely to their preference and needs.

Symbeos Rotary Machines

There are a few options when it comes to purchasing your first Symbeos machine. There are four preassembled machines available in each color, each with a specific setup for different tasks:

symbeos rotary tattoo machines

Coloring - #6 Motor, Piston Slide, 3.4mm Stroke Wheel

Fast Shading - #4 Motor, Pivot Slide, 3.4mm Stroke Wheel

Slow Shading - #5 Motor, Pivot Slide, 3.4mm Stroke Wheel

Lining - #4 Motor, Cushion Slide, 3.4mm Stroke Wheel

Start with any one of these single Symbeos machines. Once you've run it for a while, you can always pick up additional bodies, motors, slides, stroke wheels, or vice screws to try out different tunings and add more configurations to your setup.

Symbeos Rotary Deluxe & Flex Systems

The Symbeos Deluxe System is also an option for artists who prefer to have multiple setups in one box. The Deluxe System comes preassembled as a Coloring machine, but includes all of the parts needed for Lining and Shading machine setups all in one box. This includes one of each motor, slide, and stroke wheel. Adjusting the speed, force, and give without compromising the entire setup has never been easier. If you purchase two additional machine bodies and use the spare parts that come in the box, you can build three complete machines at a fraction of the cost.

symbeos deluxe system, symbeos rotary tattoo machine


Looking for something in between a single Symbeos machine and the Deluxe System? The Symbeos Flex System, which includes two motors, two slides, and two stroke wheels, also comes preassembled for Coloring and allows for a Lining setup. By purchasing one additional machine body and using the spare parts in the box, you can build two complete machines.

Symbeos Machine Parts

Symbeos machine parts are manufactured by HM Tools & Dye using the highest quality European components available. The system features precision machined 7075 Series Aircraft Aluminum bodies, Swiss Maxon motors,  wear-resistant Delrin slides, and stroke wheels with oversized German FAG-brand bearings. All metal parts are available in the three Symbeos colors for a fully personalized setup. The great thing about Symbeos is that all of the components are quickly and easily interchangeable, and available individually.

Symbeos motors, swiss maxon tattoo motor

The Symbeos Machine Body is designed to accept any combination of the Symbeos motor, slide, and stroke wheel, resulting in varying degrees of functionality and performance with the correct voltage output.

Symbeos also has three unique Swiss Maxon motors identified by their performance. The #4 Motor provides fast speed with medium torque for most lining work and fast-hand black and grey shading. The #5 Motor runs at a medium speed with low torque, which is ideal for smaller needle configurations, color blending, and slow-hand black and grey shading. For packing in color and pushing larger needle configurations with ease, the #6 Motor offers medium speed with high torque. All three motors are available in each of the Symbeos colors and feature both RCA and clip cord connections at the rear.

Symbeos slides, Delrin slides

Symbeos slides are also specifically designed for three unique give performances, so that you can choose the preferred type and amount of give. The Piston Slide provides a medium to hard give that is perfectly adjustable for packing in color, while the Pivot Slide can be adjusted for a soft to medium give for shading and color blending. Both of these slides are easily adjustable with a simple twist of the thumbscrew, a quarter turn at a time. The Cushion Slide comes with three elastomer inserts that can be easily switched to adjust the give. The Blue Elastomer is used for a soft give, Red for medium, and Black for hard.

The Symbeos machine parts also feature three stroke wheels, each with a unique stroke length:  2.6mm (Short), 3.4mm (Medium), and 4.0mm (Long). These stroke wheels are fitted with long life, oversized German FAG-brand bearings for reduced noise and friction. The 2.6mm Stroke Wheel paired with the cushion slide is perfect for lining on the hands and feet, and when used with the pivot slide, is ideal for grey shading. The 3.4mm Stroke Wheel is great for smaller needle groupings for realistic color blending and lining. Alternatively, the longer 4.0mm Stroke Wheel should be used for larger needle groupings and any work involving heavier lining, whip shading, and dot-work.

Experimenting with assembly and tuning is highly encouraged as it is ultimately in your control to determine what works best for the task at hand. View the Tuning Recommendations PDF and the available Symbeos instructional videos from Eikon to get started.

All Symbeos rotary machines and systems include an insert with guidelines and manufacturer warranty information, tools, and lubricant. Check out all available tattoo equipment and supplies from Eikon at PainfulPleasures, including clip cords, power supplies, coils, and more.