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Suspension Independent Test Results

You should only use the Suspension Supplies we offer if you understand and know what you are doing. You can purchase Suspension Hooks here.

Here are independent test results from one of our customers:

The equipment I use to test my suspension equipment is a dynamometer which is pulled by a winch, but it only measures in increments of 50lbs, so it was not suitable for testing the hooks. I ended up using weight lifting equipment. I lifted the stack of plates at increasing increments to get a reading of when they would fail, and I also tested some Mustad sea demon hooks of the same gauge for comparison. The 8 gauge hooks you sell failed very early at between 65 and 75lbs. 

When I went to the 75lbs plate it completely gave out and the 65 had significant distortion. For this I think a reasonable weight for these would be only 40lbs to be safe. These would work for 10-12 hook superman or coma suspensions and pulls, but not for standard suspensions. The 8 gauge sea demon hooks failed at 145lbs.

The weight stack only went to 200lbs, so I'm forced to speculate presently as to the strength of the rest of them. The 6 gauge Mustad hooks showed distortion at 200lbs, but your hooks did not. The 4gauge hooks from mustad showed no distortion at 200 lbs, but yours did. This is because of the larger mouth of the hooks. I actually think your 4 gauge hooks could fail earlier than your 6 gauge hooks, but I'll let you know as soon as I can test them. Currently though I will say that I am pleased overall with the quality of your hooks. I'll be placing an order very soon.