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Stigma-Rotary Tattoo Machines

Stigma-Rotary® has been a top brand in the tattoo industry for over a decade. The company was founded by German tattoo artists with more than 20 years of industry experience--a history that's proved invaluable in helping Stigma develop some of the best rotary tattoo machines on the market. Artemis Rosakis has been their lead developer since day one, and the company considers him the father of every Stigma-Rotary tattoo machine they've ever produced. He came up with the groundbreaking invention that initially set Stigma-Rotary machines apart from the competition: the first adjustable give system, which allows tattoo artists to change their machines to hit harder or more softly in a matter of seconds. Although many other rotary machine manufacturers have adopted the concept in the past decade, Stigma's adjustable give system was the first of its kind. Rosakis's designs have always offered that and more; every model is also lightweight, noiseless, easy to use, precise, ergonomic, super-reliable, and incredibly durable. When you invest in a Stigma-Rotary tattoo machine, you can rest assured that you'll be able to rely on it for many years without issue.Stigma-Rotary Hyper V3 Tattoo Machines


The Birth of Stigma-Rotary®

Rosakis came up with prototypes for the first Stigma-Rotary tattoo machines in 2003, and then he spent two years testing the designs and making adjustments. Once he perfected his prototypes, Rosakis and his partners officially launched the Stigma-Rotary brand, put their rotary machine design into production, and began using the first Stigma-Rotary tattoo machines in their studios as a final test before making them available to other tattoo artists. Stigma machines have won over innumerable tattoo artists in the years since, convincing even die-hard coil tattoo machine users to make the switch to rotary machines. Their adjustable give systems combined with many other technological advancements that simplify the tattooing process have played a vital role in making Stigma-Rotary the tattoo industry giant they are today.


What Makes Stigma Rotary Machines Special

With every new tattoo machine they create, Stigma maintains their focus on meeting the needs of tattoo artists while exceeding their expectations. Every Stigma-Rotary tattoo machine is crafted with a passion for excellence and precision that allows tattooists to concentrate on creating beautiful tattoo art rather than having to worry about their equipment. The Stigma team understands that you have to know firsthand what it's like to work as a tattoo artist on a daily basis before you can create reliable machines that will truly meet tattooists' needs. They take pride in working hard to deliver advanced technology that simplifies the tattooing process, taking inspiration from real-world use of their machines when refining their designs, and incorporating tattoo artists' feedback into each new model they develop. Stigma-Rotary Prodigy Tattoo Machines Stigma machines truly are some of the best professional rotary tattoo machines you can find that are made by tattoo artists for tattoo artists.

Stigma ensures that each machine they create is manufactured to the highest standards by making rotary machines in small batches instead of producing them en masse. Every machine is hand-assembled and thoroughly tested by their team of tattoo artists, technical engineers, CNC experts, mechanics, and craftsmen before leaving their production plant. These rotary machines come with powerful Swiss motors and high-quality component parts that are all made in Germany. The Stigma team works tirelessly to incorporate innovative enhancements into every new model they create and to provide Stigma rotary machine users with an unparalleled tattooing experience. They really care about their customers and strive to provide them with high-quality equipment and top-notch customer service, which includes tracking down counterfeits and getting them off the market. The company encourages all tattoo artists to purchase Stigma-Rotary equipment exclusively from reputable distributors like Painful Pleasures; that way you'll know without a shadow of a doubt that you're getting an official, authorized Stigma-Rotary tattoo machine when you're ready to invest in one.


Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Models

There are currently four Stigma-Rotary tattoo machine models available to give tattoo artists options and allow each tattooist to pick the design that best fits their hand and tattooing style. You can choose from the Stigma-Rotary Amen, the Beast, the Hyper V3, and the Prodigy. Each model comes in 4-8 color choices, depending on which option you choose. While they're all crafted from lightweight yet durable aircraft-grade aluminum and powered by strong Swiss-made Maxon motors, their similarities end there.

Stigma Amen Rotary Tattoo Machines

The Amen by Stigma-Rotary is one of the company's newer designs. This Stigma rotary machine model gives tattoo artists more control and customization abilities than any of the company's previous rotary tattoo machines. Stigma Amen Rotary Tattoo Machines | Stigma-Rotary Amen Tattoo Machines It contains a new hex drive system that allows tattoo artists to control the motor cycle of their machines by changing out strokers. The interchangeable strokers are color-coded for easy visual identification, and each Stigma Amen rotary tattoo machine comes with three of them: a black one for 3.8mm stroke length, a gray one for 3.5mm stroke length, and a silver one for 3mm stroke length. Using the different strokers, tattoo artists can make their Amen machines function like standard rotary machines or choose to have them operate at a faster speed than typical rotaries. Each Amen tattoo machine by Stigma-Rotary comes with an Allen key that makes it easy to adjust the hex spinner and, subsequently, the machine's give. The stroke length changes automatically in combination with the selected give adjustment and speed.

When using an Amen Stigma-Rotary tattoo machine, you can...

  • achieve longer strokes by increasing your voltage to increase the machine's speed;
  • get shorter strokes by decreasing your voltage and speed;
  • use the black stroker for lining with shorter, harder strokes;
  • use the silver stroker for shading with longer, softer strokes;
  • use the gray stroker as an all-purpose tool and adjust the give and speed (volts) as necessary; and,
  • replace its stroke excenter with the hex spinner that comes with the Amen model, and then power the machine with either a 10 watt or 5 watt EC brushless MotorPlug.
    (Learn more about Stigma's 10 watt and 5 watt EC brushless MotorPlugs below.)

In addition to coming with Stigma's new hex drive system and an Allen key to control it, each Amen rotary machine also comes with Super Lube synthetic grease that you can use to keep your machine running smoothly. MotorPlugs are sold separately from the Amen machine bodies. If you select the Amen model, you can currently choose from five body color options: black, purple, green, red, or orange. As with all Stigma-Rotary tattoo machines, every Amen rotary machine is backed by Stigma's 12-month warranty.

Stigma Beast Rotary Tattoo Machines

Stigma-Rotary Beast Tattoo Machines | Stigma Beast Rotary Tattoo Machines Stigma's Beast is a solid-hitting rotary machine with zero give and an autoclavable body that performs excellently whether you're lining, shading, blending, layering, or color packing. Each Beast rotary tattoo machine is crafted from a solid block of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum before being anodized in your choice of black, silver, or one of six vibrant colors like hot pink or neon green. Every Beast features a quick setup system that eliminates the need for rubber bands, nipples and grommets, so you can get to work without having to deal with mechanical nuisances. All you have to do is insert your tattoo needles into the Glide Piston, lock them in place with a small front thumbscrew, and start tattooing.

The Beast also features an EasyPlug system that allows you to plug in or remove MotorPlugs quickly and easily. The EasyPlug system makes it so that you can bag the Beast's machine body before attaching the MotorPlug or once it's plugged in to help avoid cross-contamination. With its quick setup, EasyPlug system, CNC-machined aircraft aluminum body, ability to run with a 4.5 watt, 5 watt or 10 watt MotorPlug, and the option to use any of four different stroke excenters, the Beast is like the Swiss Army knife of rotary tattoo machines!

Every Stigma-Rotary Beast comes pre-lubricated, but you'll also get extra Super Lube synthetic grease to apply as needed. Each of these mere 1.4 oz. rotary machines also comes with an Allen key so you can adjust the machine's give on the fly. The 4.5 watt and 10 watt MotorPlugs and the 5 watt EC brushless MotorPlug that work with the Beast tattoo machine are sold separately, as are the stroke hubs that allow you to choose between four different stroke excenters.

Stigma Hyper V3 Rotary Tattoo Machines

Stigma's Hyper V3 rotary tattoo machines are some of the most flexible rotary machines on the market. This Stigma innovation allows artists to tattoo more softly than they can with any other rotary machine, and you can easily switch between soft and hard settings. Stigma-Rotary Hyper V3 Tattoo Machines | Stigma Hyper V3 Rotary Tattoo Machines The Hyper V3 has a precision adjustable needle stabilizer, a new tube vice locking system for grips, a more ergonomic, balanced frame design crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, a 4.5 watt Swiss motor, and fantastic overall performance. It currently comes anodized in your choice of four colors: nuclear green, black, red, or purple rain.

The Hyper V3 by Stigma weighs just over 4 oz. (115 grams), but that weight includes both the machine body and an enclosed Swiss motor. (All other Stigma-Rotary tattoo machine bodies are sold separately from their MotorPlugs.) Its stroke can be manually adjusted between 3.6mm and 6.0mm. Just use an RCA cable or clip cord to connect your Hyper V3 to your tattoo power supply, set your voltage between 7 and 12 volts, and you can use this rotary machine for lining, shading and color packing with a quick manual adjustment. Once in motion, the Stigma Hyper V3 can achieve 3,000 - 10,000 stitches per minute.

Since the wires have polarity protection, the Hyper V3 rotary tattoo machine will only run with the correct polarity on the wires. It's important to read the Hyper V3 instruction manual to make sure you get settings like polarity right and operate the machine properly. When used correctly, all Hyper V3s will remain under warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Stigma Prodigy Rotary Tattoo Machines

Stigma-Rotary Prodigy Tattoo Machines | Stigma Prodigy Rotary Tattoo Machines The Stigma Prodigy rotary tattoo machine gives tattoo artists endless options with its ultimate adjustable give system. Each autoclavable Stigma Prodigy has a control thumbscrew at the top of the machine that's used to make give adjustments, a needle bar stabilizer that eliminates the need for rubber bands, an EasyPlug system that allows you to snap a MotorPlug in and out easily, and a lightweight CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum body anodized in your choice of eight color options: black, silver, blue, nuclear green, orange, pink, purple, or red. Whether you're color packing, lining, shading, blending, or layering, you'll find that the Stigma Prodigy rotary machine yields incredible results time and again.

Each 1.4 oz. Stigma Prodigy rotary tattoo machine is pre-lubricated and comes with extra Super Lube synthetic grease for you to use as needed. You can use either a 4.5 watt or 10 watt MotorPlug or a 5 watt EC brushless MotorPlug to power this rotary machine, and you can choose between four different stroke excenters based on your preference and needs. (Note that MotorPlugs and stroke hubs are sold separately from Prodigy rotary machine bodies.)


Stigma-Rotary MotorPlugs

Stigma offers three MotorPlug options that you can use to power your Stigma-Rotary tattoo machine: a 4.5 watt MotorPlug, a 10 watt MotorPlug, and a 5 watt EC brushless MotorPlug.

4.5 Watt MotorPlugs by Stigma-Rotary

Stigma's 4.5 watt MotorPlug weighs a mere 45 grams (~1.6 oz.), but this little motor is packed with power. It contains a Swiss-made Maxon motor, which is one of the strongest motors available for rotary tattoo machines. Stigma-Rotary 4.5 Watt MotorPlugs | Motors for Beast and Prodigy Rotary Tattoo Machines It can effortlessly push configurations of up to 50 tattoo needles. Each 4.5 watt MotorPlug comes pre-installed with a 3.5mm (medium) stroke excenter and an RCA connection, but you can switch to using a clip cord with it to power your Stigma-Rotary machine by purchasing a simple Stigma Rotary Clipcord Upgrade Kit.

Stigma's 4.5 watt MotorPlugs are easy to use with any Beast or Prodigy Stigma-Rotary tattoo machine thanks to their EasyPlug system. It allows artists to plug in or remove MotorPlugs in seconds. When connected, you can rotate your MotorPlug to find the perfect angle for your RCA or clip cord contacts. Bag your MotorPlug separately or with your rotary machine to avoid cross-contamination.

Stigma-Rotary 10 Watt MotorPlugs

When you want more power and stronger performance, try one of Stigma's 10 watt MotorPlugs instead of a 4.5 watt one. You can use these MotorPlugs with the Stigma-Rotary Prodigy, Beast and Amen rotary tattoo machines. Stigma-Rotary 10 Watt MotorPlugs | Motors for Stigma Prodigy, Amen and Beast Tattoo Machines Each one comes with an even stronger Swiss-made Maxon motor than the 4.5 watt MotorPlug offers; it has more torque to keep your machine speed constant. You can run a Stigma tattoo machine with this 10 watt MotorPlug for up to 24 hours without it overheating, and it can drive any tattoo needle configuration or needle cartridge with ease.

The Stigma-Rotary 10 watt MotorPlug comes with both RCA cord and clip cord connections, a rotatable motor that allows you to find the perfect connection angle, and an EasyPlug system for quick installment and removal from your Prodigy, Beast or Amen Stigma-Rotary tattoo machine. Like the 4.5 watt MotorPlug, the 10 watt option comes pre-installed with a 3.5mm (medium) stroke excenter. You can bag this MotorPlug separately or with your rotary machine to prevent cross-contamination.

Stigma 5 Watt EC Brushless MotorPlugs

The 5 Watt EC Brushless MotorPlug is Stigma's latest option for powering their Beast, Prodigy and Amen rotary tattoo machines. This brushless Swiss-made Maxon motor weighs just 66 grams (~2.3 oz.) and has a tenfold lifespan compared to standard motors that require brushes to operate. Stigma-Rotary 5 Watt EC Brushless MotorPlugs for Prodigy, Beast and Amen Rotary Tattoo Machines Its brushless system makes the 5 watt EC MotorPlug more durable and consistent than even Stigma's 4.5 watt and 10 watt MotorPlugs, because the brushes in traditional motors get dirty over time, which will eventually negatively impact performance and cause power fluctuations. The 5 Watt EC Brushless MotorPlug runs from 7 volts up to 15 volts, and it uses a special custom motor that starts running at 7 volts and has 600 RPM per volt unloaded.

In addition to being brushless, the 5 watt EC MotorPlug features both RCA and clip cord connections, a rotatable motor that allows you to find the perfect angle for contacts, and an EasyPlug system that makes it simple to install and remove this motor from your Beast, Prodigy or Amen rotary tattoo machine. It comes pre-loaded with ball bearings and a medium (3.5mm) stroke excenter installed. You can bag this MotorPlug separately or with your machine body to avoid cross-contamination.

Note: When using a Stigma-Rotary 5 Watt EC Brushless MotorPlug with your Amen rotary tattoo machine, you'll need to replace the excenter with the hex spinner that comes with the Amen machine body.


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