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How to Use the PreSynergy Tattoo System

PreSynergy Tattoo System: Interchangeable, Disposable Tattoo Tubes, Tips and Grips Painful Pleasures' new PreSynergy tattoo grips and tips combine high-quality component parts, affordable prices and flexibility to give you the ultimate in disposable tattoo tubes. Instead of carrying around bulky disposable tattoo tubes equipped with every tip style you could possibly need when you're traveling or stuffing your cabinets full of tubes in different sizes and tip styles when you're working in your shop, simplify your life with our PreSynergy tattoo system. Just pair our PreSynergy tattoo tube and grip units with your choice of tips to create a truly synergistic tattooing tool that conforms to your needs in the moment.


How PreSynergy Grips, Tubes & Tips Work

There are two parts to our PreSynergy tattoo system: all-in-one molded plastic 1" grips and tubes, and tattoo tips in your choice of metal or plastic and flat, round or diamond styles. This convenient design allows you to keep a box or two of disposable tattoo tubes and grips and a few packets of tattoo tips in each size and style you use most on hand instead of having to stock bulky all-in-one tube, tip and grip combo units in every single style you might need. The PreSynergy disposable tattoo system allows you to travel light, keep your shop free of unnecessary clutter and save money by buying just tattoo tips in different sizes and styles instead of complete disposable tube, tip and grip units.

PreSynergy Tattoo Tubes & GripsPrecision Memory Foam Grip Covers

Each of our 1" PreSynergy tattoo grip and tube units is made from a single piece of molded plastic, so you'll never have to worry about the tubes spinning in the grips the way some disposable tubes do. The wide comfort grips are ringed and textured to allow you to hold them in a relaxed fashion without losing your grip on your tattoo tube. Our PreSynergy tattoo grips and tubes come in boxes of 25 individually-packaged, disposable units. Each package is EO gas sterilized so you can rip open a pack and get to work immediately.

If you prefer a more padded grip, you can enhance our already comfortable-to-hold PreSynergy tattoo tubes and grips with a Precision memory foam grip cover. They come in boxes of 20 and are individually wrapped and sterilized. Alternatively, you can wrap your PreSynergy grips with cohesive wrap to achieve the exact level of padding you desire, or you can use one of our other autoclavable or disposable grip covers.

PreSynergy Plastic Tattoo Tips (also Available in Metal) PreSynergy Tattoo Tips

The ability to pair any of our round, diamond or flat disposable tattoo tips with our PreSynergy tattoo grips and tubes is one of the highlights of our PreSynergy tattoo system. PreSynergy tattoo tips allow you to have every size and style you could possibly need on hand and at your immediate disposal while taking up minimal storage space. They come in your choice of metal or plastic tips and a variety of size and tip style combinations. Each tip is individually wrapped and sterilized, so it's ready to use at the moment you need it. They come in packages of 25 round, diamond or flat tattoo tips and in a range of tip sizes.

Assembling PreSynergy Disposable Tattoo TubesAllen Wrench Set | Allen Keys

It's incredibly easy to pair any PreSynergy tip with our disposable tattoo tubes and grips. All you need is an Allen wrench and a few seconds. Just open up a PreSynergy tube and grip unit, remove the wrapping from the size and style tattoo tip you need, slip the tip into the top of the grip, and use your Allen key to give one bolt a turn or two to tighten the mouth of the grip around your chosen tattoo tip. After that, you can attach the tube to your tattoo machine and get to work. It's that simple! When you're done tattooing, just toss your used tattoo grip and tip in the trash, pull out a fresh pair of component parts, and get to work on your next client.


Experience Synergy Firsthand

We named our new interchangeable Precision tattoo grip, tube and tip system PreSynergy because it embodies synergy at its best. Synergy occurs when parts come together to create something greater than the sum of the individual parts. When you use our PreSynergy tattoo system, you'll find that these simple grip and tube units and tattoo tips save you money, time and space while giving you an unparalleled level of flexibility. Free yourself from wasting space and money on complete disposable tattoo tube, tip and grip sets in sizes and tip styles you may never need! Use the PreSynergy tattoo system instead, and spend less to get a diverse assortment of tips so you're prepared to do any tattoo work.

If you need help navigating our tattoo tip numbering system, be sure to check out our Needle & Tip Compatibility Chart, shown below and available for sale as a poster that you can hang on a wall in your work space and reference as you're working or ordering tattoo supplies. You can click on the Needle & Tip Compatibility Chart image below to view a larger version of it. To pick up Precision surgical steel needles to use with your PreSynergy tattoo tubes and tips, visit our Precision Tattoo Needles section.

Precision Tattoo Tip Compatibility Chart