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How to Create Custom Acrylic Signs

Use Custom Acrylic Signs to Promote Products and Prices in Your Shop Limitless custom acrylic signs offer you numerous ways to feature products and special offers in your shop, attractively display your tattooists' artwork on your walls, promote your shop's custom gift cards, call attention to products you're selling at conventions, and much more. Currently you can choose from acrylic custom gift card holders, 5" x 7" free-standing acrylic signs, and wall-mounted acrylic displays in a variety of sizes that you can set off with our colorful aluminum sign stand offs.

How do you go about having custom acrylic displays and custom gift card holders made for your business? It's as easy as designing your signage, placing an order, and waiting for us to create and ship your new custom acrylic frames to you. When you're ready to get started, review the sections below to learn more about how to design and order each type of custom acrylic display we offer.


5" x 7" Custom Acrylic Frames

Our free-standing 5" x 7" custom acrylic signs are a great tool for promoting special offers, product prices and other product information, drawings and contests, piercing price lists, your shop's refund policy, or anything else you want to stand out to your shop visitors. Each free-standing, slanted acrylic frame can be loaded from the side with new signage whenever you need to change out your current offers, product displays or other information. The front of each acrylic sign measures 5" x 7", and their bases are 3" deep.

Acrylic 5" x 7" Slanted Sign Holder with Print-Out | Custom Acrylic Signs You have two options when it comes to designing your 5" x 7" custom acrylic frames. You can either download one of our design templates in AI, PDF or PSD format and create your own sign, or you can outsource the design process to our Graphic Design team for an hourly fee. If you decide to create your own signs, please make sure to change the DPI (Dots Per Inch) to 300 when prompted upon opening the file in a program like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. The default is often 72 DPI, which is the standard resolution for web graphics. Printed graphics need a higher DPI to print crisply and cleanly. Although we can work with smaller graphics, we want your custom signs to look outstanding, so we strongly encourage you to create high-resolution sign designs. If you need additional guidance, check out our helpful Understanding Photo Image Sizes and Printing Color: What Does 4:0, 4:1, and 4:4 Mean? articles.

Once you open your desired template, you'll see the "Nonvisible Area" indicators that show you where your art will be cut off during the production process. Make sure no text or graphics that need to be seen in their entirety overlap that margin. Your design can include full-color images, black and white designs, photos, or graphic art as you desire.

After creating your signage or having us design it for you, place an order for the number of 5" x 7" custom acrylic frames you want. You can email your artwork to us at [email protected], Attn: Graphics Dept., or read our Sending Us Your Files article for information on alternative ways to send us your art after placing your order. Please allow us 1-3 days to prepare your custom acrylic signs before shipping them to you via your chosen shipping method.


Wall-Mounted Custom Acrylic Displays

Custom Acrylic Displays | Modern, Floating Posters for Your Shop Add a touch of sophistication to any sign or graphic art you display in your shop with our wall-mounted custom acrylic frames. These frames are a more modern take on traditional frames, and they're very easy to install. You can select from four frame sizes (5" x 7", 8" x 10", 8.5" x 11", or 11" x 17"), and each display comes with 4 aluminum sign stand-offs in your choice of colors that allow you to attractively and easily mount the display on a wall in your shop. Each display also comes with a printed poster that will fit perfectly in the size frame you choose. As with our 5" x 7" free-standing acrylic frames, you can either design your own poster or have our graphic designers create a custom poster for you for an hourly fee.

If you'd like to design your own wall-mounted custom acrylic display poster, please make sure your design measurements match the display frame size you choose. You should also design your artwork at 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch), because the more pixels the image has, the crisper and cleaner it will look when printed. A file size of 2MB or greater is recommended for the best results, but we can work with smaller images when necessary.

After creating your artwork, place an order for the number of custom acrylic signs you want us to create for you in the sizes that coordinate with your graphics files. You can then email your artwork to us at [email protected], Attn: Graphics Dept along with any special instructions you have for our production team. Since our custom acrylic displays require several steps to ensure your satisfaction, please allow 1-3 days for production. Each frame is made to order in and shipped from our Hanover, Maryland, Print & Design Center.


Custom Acrylic Gift Card Holders

Limitless Acrylic Custom Gift Card Holders | Gift Card Displays Did you know that Rev23 Tattoo Management Studio Software users can now sell custom gift cards to their clients? Gift cards are a fantastic upsell for people who want to give the gift of body mods, alternative apparel, aftercare products, body jewelry, and other products your shop sells for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. When you purchase your first set of custom gift cards featuring your logo and artwork, consider picking up one of our custom acrylic gift card holders to create an attention-grabbing display for your front counter. They're incredibly easy to customize. You can either download one of our design templates in AI, PSD or PDF format, or hire us to design your custom gift card display for you for an hourly fee.

If you choose to design your own acrylic custom gift card stand, please make sure you set the DPI (Dots Per Inch) to 300 when you open your desired product template in a program like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. The higher the resolution, the better your finished gift card display will look. You should also note the "Nonvisible Area" indicators that show you where your art will be cut off during the production process. It's fine if your background color overlaps that area, but you should keep your graphics and text within the indicated margins.

Once you've finalized your artwork, place an order for your acrylic custom gift card holder. You can upload your artwork right on the product detail page using the "Browse" button next to "My Custom Image" towards the top of the page. Please allow us 1-3 days to create your unique gift card stand and ship it out to you from our Hanover, Maryland, Print & Design Center.


Have Questions?

We're here to help you through the custom acrylic frame creation process, if you still have questions after reading this article and our related articles about photo sizes, color options and how to send us your files. You can email us your questions at [email protected] day or night, and we'll respond to you during regular business hours. If you have a graphics-related question, please put "Attention: Graphics Department" in the subject line, and ask your question in the message body. For product and general sales questions, just summarize what you're emailing us about in the subject line and give us the full details in the body of your email.