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Dragonfly Tattoo Machines by Ink Machines

Dragonfly Tattoo Machines by Ink Machines Sweden Ink Machines is a tattoo machine manufacturer based in Sweden that prides itself on developing and testing their own products with the help of professional tattoo artists. From the Dragonfly to the X2 to the Stingray rotary machine, every Ink Machines tattoo machine is produced in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and backed by years of industry experience. The company's primary goal is to make tattooing more enjoyable for artists by providing them with unique tools that offer "that little extra"--tools that have been thoroughly tested to ensure that Ink Machines' customers never end up as guinea pigs for an unfinished product. They want tattoo artists to have the freedom to focus on creating rather than worrying about the consistency of their tools, which is why Dragonfly tattoo machines are some of the most reliable rotary machines on the market.


Dragonfly Tattoo Machine Options

Currently Ink Machines offers their Dragonfly tattoo machine in three models: the basic Dragonfly rotary machine, the Dragonfly X2, and the Stingray. Each model has its advantages, which you can learn more about in the sections below.

The Dragonfly Rotary Tattoo Machine

Original Dragonfly Tattoo Machine by Ink Machines in Devilish Red With a Short Stroke The Dragonfly rotary tattoo machine from Ink Machines Sweden is available in array of colors, including crazy lime, devilish red, seductive pink, and blazing gold. Each Dragonfly machine is designed with tattoo artists in mind and crafted from the highest quality materials and components available. The Dragonfly is a state-of-the-art rotary machine with features that give it several advantages over other rotary machines.

The Dragonfly tattoo machine has an adjustable suspension system that allows you to adjust the hitting force of your tattoo needles. This machine is practically silent when running, it produces low vibrations, it weights a mere 80 grams (~2.82 oz.), it has a needle bar retainer, and it can be used with standard tattoo grips, tubes, needles, and 0-14V power supplies using either an RCA or clip cord. The Dragonfly also has an exceptional ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold while tattooing for hours on end. As an added bonus, you won't have to worry with rubber bands when using this rotary tattoo machine.

The Dragonfly tattoo machine works well for lining, shading and color packing. It normally stops in the upper position. When the machine is running, its plastic barrier ensures that you won't come in contact with any moving parts. This machine can yield up to 130 stitches per second with a 3.7mm - 5mm stroke length. Use it with needle groupings as large as 50 magnum tattoo needles. Every Dragonfly tattoo machine comes with oil and an Allen key kit that you can use to adjust the machine as necessary.

Watch the video below to see the Dragonfly tattoo machine by Ink Machines Sweden in action:


The Dragonfly X2 Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Dragonfly X2 by Ink Machines is an evolved version of their original Dragonfly rotary machine. Available in deep purple, demonic blue or evil black, The Dragonfly X2 Rotary Machine by Ink Machines in Demonic Blue this rotary machine includes many of the same benefits of the original Dragonfly plus a few awesome upgrades. The Dragonfly X2 has a new stronger Swiss X2 motor made exclusively for the X2 model. It's a high-performance motor with 6W mechanical output and 86% energy efficiency. With the RPS-600, you'll get optimal battery operation from this rotary machine. You can use it with all types of standard and cartridge tattoo needles; a lid in the frame gives you easy access to the stay-up spring, which has to be removed when using needle cartridges to prevent strain on the motor. You can also adjust this machine's stroke length as necessary. Choose between 2.6mm, 3.7mm and 4.5mm stroke lengths with the same excenter using a Dragonfly tool kit.

In addition to having an improved motor, ability to switch between standard tattoo needles and cartridges, and an adjustable stroke, the Dragonfly X2 also has a more stable give adjustment. A new cap with a built-in damper prevents excessive noise when you're using the machine with softer give settings, too. It also has higher precision and a superior finish to its casing.

As with the original Dragonfly, the Dragonfly X2 weighs just 80 grams (~2.82 oz.) and it's silent, produces low vibrations, has an ergonomic design, doesn't require use of rubber bands, has an adjustable hitting force, accepts standard tattoo tubes, grips and needles, works with both RCA and clip cord connections and most 0-14V power supplies, and it works well for lining, shading and filling.

The Stingray Rotary Machine by Ink Machines

Ink Machines' Stingray tattoo machine model is available in cyanide cyan, evil black and slime green. The Stingray Rotary Machine for Lining and Color Packing in Evil Black Like the Dragonfly machine models, the Stingray is ergonomic and lightweight, weighing just 90 grams (~3.17 oz.). It operates like a coil machine, but with all the benefits of a rotary machine, which means it's quiet, precise and consistent in addition to being lightweight. Although the Stingray looks quite a bit like the Dragonfly, it's a completely new type of tattoo machine with a Desmodromic roller cam system. The new cam system supports a needle motion that's perfect for lining and color packing.

The Stingray tattoo machine comes preset with a 3.5mm stroke length, but the cam system allows you to change the stroke length and impact the machine's behavior by switching to different cams. Changing the cam is easy and takes just a few minutes.

As with the Dragonfly tattoo machine, the Stingray doesn't require rubber bands to operate. It has an adjustable hitting force, accepts standard grips, tattoo tubes and needles, works with both RCA and clip cords and most 0-13V power supplies, and it normally stops in the upper position. The Stingray can yield up to 130 stitches per second with stroke lengths ranging from 2.6mm - 3.5mm, depending on the cam you're using. The suspension stroke (give) ranges from 0mm - 2mm. Use the Stingray with configurations of up to 50 magnum tattoo needles.


Ready to Buy an Ink Machines Tattoo Machine?

To learn more about Ink Machines rotary tattoo machines or to purchase one, visit the Dragonfly - Ink Machines section of our Wholesale or Distributor Store. (Shop Wholesale for orders of $100-$499.99 and Distributor when spending $500 or more per order.) In addition to the two Dragonfly models and the Stingray model, you'll also find a Dragonfly RCA Cable With Phono Plug & 1/4" Jack Mono Plug in our Dragonfly shopping section.