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Designing Your Custom Banner

Custom Banners From Painful Pleasures Creating a custom banner to advertise your tattoo or piercing shop or other business has never been easier! Our Limitless line of custom advertising options now includes 4 traditional banner options and Outside Window Perforated Film for your shop. Here's what you need to know to start designing the perfect banner or large-scale window decal for your business:


Choosing a Custom Banner Material

We offer traditional banners in 4 materials as well as an Outside Window Perforated Film option that you can use to create the effect of a banner on your shop window or door without blocking the interior view or light. All 5 options are available in widths ranging from 12" to 144", but the second dimension options vary based on the material you choose. Keep that in mind when selecting a banner material to ensure that your custom banner is exactly the size you need. Note: Some custom size options are available for an additional fee, so contact us if you need different dimensions than those listed here and we'll let you know if we can accommodate your request.

Option 1: Vinyl Custom Banners

Our Limitless Vinyl Banners are made from sturdy, high-quality, waterproof vinyl that can be used indoors or outdoors. They come with or without grommets, so you can either hang them from hooks or string or display them another way. They're available in widths of 12" - 144" and heights of 12" - 36". The front of each custom vinyl banner can be printed with full-color graphics (one-sided printing only).

Option 2: Economy Fabric Custom BannersMesh Banners Allow Light and Air to Filter Through, Prolonging the Custom Banner's Life

Our Economy Fabric Banners are made from quality 4 oz. cloth fabric. Choose from widths of 12" - 144", heights of 12" - 46", and grommets vs. no grommets. As with our other custom banner options, only one side can be printed with full-color graphics.

Option 3: Premium Fabric Custom Banners

Our Limitless Premium Fabric Banners are made from 9 oz. premium cloth fabric. Our premium banners have a blackout backing, so light will not filter through the fabric. As with our other standard banners, they come with our without grommets, as desired. (Choose "No Grommets" if you plan to use a banner stand or display your banner another way.) Choose from widths of 12" - 144" and heights of 12" - 38". Note that our premium fabric banners can be printed with full-color graphics on one side.

Option 4: Mesh Custom Banners

Our Limitless Mesh Banners are printed on high-quality, waterproof, breathable mesh that provides airflow and allows light to filter through banners made of this material. This is an ideal option for outdoor use, particularly if you plan to hang the banner on a chain-link fence or somewhere else where wind may otherwise cause strain on your banner. The mesh material eliminates that issue and will prolong the life of your custom banner. Choose from widths of 12" - 144" and heights of 12" - 36". As with our other custom banners, you can get a mesh banner with or without grommets. Choose grommets if you plan to hang the banner; select "No Grommets" if you do not need them to display your banner.

Illusion Outside Window Perforated Film: See the Outside From Inside Your Shop Even With a Decorated Window! Option 5: Outside Window Perforated Film

Our Limitless Outside Window Perforated Film is a great option for decorating your store windows with a "banner" that won't completely block the view of your store from the outside or prevent sun from filtering in through the design. These decals can be used on store windows, doors or both. They're made from 6.5mil PVC film with 40% solid content and removable clear acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back. They come in widths of 12" - 144" and heights of 12" - 40". Each banner-style window decal should last 3-5 years outside. They have good UV and abrasion resistance that contribute to the long life of these decals.

Important Note: Don't let the size or media options listed limit your creativity. Contact us with any custom requests so that we may try and accommodate your unique needs.


Designing the Graphics for Your BannerLet Us Design Your Custom Banner for You!

When designing your custom banner, start by creating a graphics file that's the same size as the banner dimensions you want with additional space along the border, which is known as bleed. (Read our Product Templates article for help on creating an appropriately-sized design based on the product and dimensions you're selecting.) Ideally, your design should have 300 DPI (dots per inch) to ensure the sharpest-looking outcome. (Read our Understanding Photo Image Sizes article for tips on selecting optimal graphic sizes.) After completing your design, send us the highest-resolution file version you have.

If you're not an artist or need some assistance with your banner design, we're here to help. We can answer your questions or even design your custom banner for you. Check out our Hourly Rate for Custom Print & Design Services page for pricing and additional information about having our talented Graphics team design your dream banner for you.

For more tips on designing an attractive banner and understanding the printing process, visit our Print & Design Information Center.


Placing Your Custom Banner Order

Once you know what type and size custom banner you want, ordering is easy. First, go to the page for the type of banner you wish to order using the links below:

Links to Custom Banner Pages

Retail Store Wholesale Store Distributor Store
Vinyl Custom Banners Vinyl Custom Banners Vinyl Custom Banners
Economy Fabric Custom Banners Economy Fabric Custom Banners Economy Fabric Custom Banners
Premium Fabric Custom Banners Premium Fabric Custom Banners Premium Fabric Custom Banners
Mesh Custom Banners Mesh Custom Banners Mesh Custom Banners
Outside Window Perforated Film Outside Window Perforated Film Outside Window Perforated Film


Next, choose the dimensions for your banner. If you want a horizontal banner, use the "Dimension 1" drop-down menu to select the width of your banner and the "Dimension 2" menu to select the height of your banner. Custom Illusion Window Banners for Your Business If you plan to hang your banner vertically, you'll likely need to use the "Dimension 1" drop-down menu to select the height for your banner and the "Dimension 2" drop-down menu for the width of your custom banner.

Before adding your banner to cart, make sure to select your desired grommet option. Once you've done that, you can add notes for our Graphics team in the "Customer Notes" field and add the banner to cart.

Finally, you'll need to send us your artwork, if you're designing your custom banner yourself. Read our How to Send Us Your Files article for information on the best ways to transmit graphic files depending on their size and the type of product you've purchased.

If you have any questions or need additional information before ordering a custom banner and related supplies like banner stands, email us at [email protected], Attn: Graphics Department. You can also explore our Print & Design Information Center to find additional information pertaining to our custom products.