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Fake Piercing Body Jewelry

Maybe you're squeamish and would rather not get pierced, but want to enjoy the beauty of body jewelry. Or do you just want to get a rise out of your parents or an uptight friend? Whatever the case, you're here looking for a fake belly button piercing ring, a fake nose ring, or some other type of non-piercing body jewelry. We have what you need!

Photo of titanium captive bead ringAchieving the look of having a piercing without getting pierced can be as simple as buying a captive bead ring, popping out the bead, and slipping the gap in the ring over whatever body part you want to appear to have pierced. For instance, you might get a smaller-diameter CBR to wear over one edge of your nostril to achieve a fake nose piercing look. You can wear a slightly larger diameter captive ring over your lower lip if you want to create a fake lip piercing. If you want a fake belly button piercing, slide a captive bead ring over the top edge of your belly button. The possibilities are endless!

If you're not sure what size diameter captive ring to purchase, check out our Measuring Body Jewelry article for instructions on how body jewelry is measured. For additional help, post a question in our Body Jewelry Forum for one of our knowledgeable forum moderators or experienced community members to answer. Photo of magnetic faux plugs for small gauge piercings

We offer other types of non-piercing body jewelry, like back belly chains that you can wear around your waist to complement your shape. You might also consider wearing ear climbers or faux nose hoops. Or, if you have your earlobes pierced and want to make it appear as though your earlobes are stretched, check out our fake plugs

Whatever your fake body piercing of choice is, have fun! Choose non-piercing jewelry in cool colors and designs to match your favorite outfit or just to make your fake piercing pop!

Check out our online store for more jewelry options, and our PainfulPleasures blog for features and information on all things piercing, tattoo, and body mod-related.