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Body Jewelry Display Cases & Jewelry Display Ideas

Whether you're a piercer who travels the convention circuit and needs portable jewelry display cases, a new tattoo and piercing shop owner looking for body jewelry display cases for your store, or an established shop owner who wants to spice up your existing jewelry displays or just keep your shop well stocked with body jewelry, we have everything you need! Check out some of the jewelry display options discussed below for ideas on unique jewelry displays, jewelry display sets and more.

What Are Your Jewelry Display Needs?

Do you need empty jewelry display cases, full body jewelry displays/jewelry display sets, jewelry packaging like body jewelry display cards or organizational bins, silicone body parts you can use to display jewelry creatively, or just a toe or finger ring display? You'll find all that and more in our Body Jewelry Displays section!

If you want to put your own mixture of body jewelry in a case, then the empty jewelry display cases are your best bet. If you want to keep things simple and buy a few jewelry display cases pre-filled with body jewelry, then our full jewerly cases are for you. Our silicone body bits (shown as a complete set below) make creative, unique jewelry displays. For instance, you can...

  • Place a mouth in one of our body bit acrylic stands and use it to display labret posts with cool tops or captive bead rings.
  • Use a nose body bit to feature septum rings and nose rings.
  • Set a belly button body bit in an acrylic stand alongside a full navel jewelry display case to show off a particular belly ring you have on sale or that's an upgraded type of belly ring, like a gold navel ring.
  • Use ears with or without stretched lobes as earring displays to show off pretty earrings, cool plugs, special captive bead rings like our handmade daith hearts, or other types of ear piercing jewelry.
  • Add jewelry for an HCH or VCH piercing to a silicone vagina or a CBR as a PA piercing to a silicone penis.
  • Put a special tongue ring in a silicone tongue, like one of our gold tongue rings.

If you're interested to know what our silicone body jewelry display bits look like, check out this complete set, or go to our Silicone Body Bits page to view each piece up close:
Silicone Body Bit Set

Our gorgeous hangers also make creative jewelry displays; they make especially good earring displays. Here are a couple examples:

Triple Snake Head Bronze Earring Hanger Jewelry Display   Square Base Bronze Earring Display   Organic Bronze Earring Display   Organic Bronze Earring Holder Jewelry Display


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