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Looking for Body Jewelry Manufacturers?

Did you know that Painful Pleasures is a body jewelry manufacturer in addition to being a wholesale distributor and retailer of all things body mod related? We proudly manufacture much of the body jewelry we sell, but our organic jewelry is our hallmark. No other companies come close to doing the volume of organic jewelry manufacturing we do, thanks to the popularity of our Elementals Organics line of body jewelry.


What's "Elementals Organics"?

Elementals Organics is a Painful Pleasures brand that features some of the most beautiful handmade body jewelry in the world. We provide revenue to communities of highly-skilled artisans in Indonesia who hand-carve gorgeous ear hangers, organic plugs and tunnels, spirals, and more out of unique types of wood, bone, horn, and other all-natural materials. We also manufacture our own silver, bronze and gold organic body jewelry.

Here's a very small taste of what you'll find in the Elementals Organics section of our site:

Abalone Shell Kabho # 4 Hanger Organic Jewelry  Swan Red Saba Wood Ear Hanger Organic Body Jewelry THE STRATUM Horn Hanger Organic Body Jewelry 14g - 00g Fairy Carved Bone Pendant with a .925 Sterling Silver Frame

Moon Synthesis Plugs Double Flare Steel and Bone  .925 Sterling Silver Triangluar Balinese Design Hanger Body Jewelry .925 Flower Silver Cap over a Double Flared Horn Organic Plug  18g Gold Plated Lasimo Earrings

Perching Owls Natural Bone Carved Organic Body Jewelry Golden Horn Hanger Earrings Body Jewelry 10g - 4g Double Edge Wood Stirrups Wholesale Organic Body Jewelry Carved Bone Dragon Natural Body Jewelry ​


What's "Elementals Evolved"?

We recently launched a sub-line of Elementals Organics that we call Elementals Evolved. This new body jewelry line really takes Elementals Organics to the next level. Our Elementals Evolved custom body jewelry is handmade to your specs right here in the Painful Pleasures warehouse in Hanover, MD, USA. Our jewelry artisans craft stunning plugs, tunnels and more out of exotic woods like olive wood and pink ivory wood. Here's a taste of what's currently available in the Elementals Evolved line; there will be more coming soon!

ELEMENTALS EVOLVED Olive Wood Small Hole Single Flare Plugs - Custom Made ELEMENTALS EVOLVED Pink Ivory Wood THIN Walled Hollow Double Flare Plugs - Custom Made ELEMENTALS EVOLVED Blood Wood Solid Double Flare Plugs - Custom MadeELEMENTALS EVOLVED Olive Wood Hollow Double Flare Plugs - Custom Made


What Other Jewelry Manufacturing Does Painful Pleasures Do?

In addition to Elementals Organics and Elementals Evolved, we're proud to feature Unbreakable custom-made body jewelry! All the pieces in our Unbreakable jewelry line are designed, manufactured and hand-polished in-house by our resident jewelry artisans. Our in-house designers have created a wide variety of unique captive bead rings, like the hearts, Orbs, Star Fleet ear jewelry, and other designs shown below. The Orbs are great for daith piercings, the Star Fleet ones work best as regular earrings, and the little hearts can be used in rook or other ear piercings.

This is just a very small sampling of the designs in our Unbreakable handmade body jewelry line. Check out more of them here.

16g Hearts for Ear Piercings by Jeremy Smith Orbs for Daith Piercings by Jeremy Smith 18g - 6g Niobium Tear Drop Captive Bead Rings Star Fleet Earrings Handmade by Jeremy Smith