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Be a part of the Painful Pleasures Community. Join the forum to see what other people are saying about body modification. View the Photo Gallery and post your body modification pictures.

How to Use the Forum

The Painful Pleasures forum is an active online community of body mod enthusiasts, collectors, artists, and educators. We welcome all who are interested in any form of body modification, from piercings to tattoos, scarification to implants, tongue splitting to subincisions and beyond. Whether you're exploring modification options, doing research before getting a particular body mod, looking to share your experiences, or want to help others on their body mod journeys, our forum's for you!

How to Use the Gallery

The Painful Pleasures body mod gallery consists of thousands of photos of tattoos, piercings and more unusual mods that our community members have chosen to share. Although most photos in our gallery are of our community members' own mods, you'll also find that a number of piercing and tattoo artists have created portfolios here to showcase the cool mods they've given others.

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The Painful Pleasures community—which is comprised of a body mod forum, a photo gallery, a video library, news and events sections, and a blog—was created to help educate and unite those interested in body modification. Our body mod portal focuses on topics ranging from body piercing to tattooing, scarification to other forms of body modification, and even the best body jewelry for specific mods. Please respect the rules of our community and all of its members, as detailed below.