Body Jewelry Threading

Compatible Jewelry

There are many different, attractive body jewelry ends that can be paired with a variety of shafts, dermal anchors, surface barbells, and other body jewelry core components. You just have to pick ends and shafts or anchors with matching threading types and sizes to ensure that all the component parts will be compatible with each other. In this guide, we walk you through how to pick compatible jewelry ends for your body jewelry shafts and anchors.

Push Pin Threadless Jewelry

Push pin jewelry, also known as push pop, push fit and threadless jewelry, is a popular style of labret jewelry. These threadless labrets make great jewelry for lip, cheek, nostril, and cartilage piercings. They're incredibly easy to insert and remove once you know how to bend the push pin tops just right to lock them securely into their matching threadless labret posts. Read this article to learn how to insert push pop jewelry easily (diagram included) as well as to discover our full selection of push pin jewelry, helpful add-ons and other styles of threadless labret jewelry...


Body Jewelry that has an end ball that screws on and off have threads. This body jewelry includes straight barbells, curved (bent) barbells, circular barbells, and labret jewelry. A thread is a spiral ridge that winds either internally or externally around the metal like that on a bolt or the inside of a nut. Learn what a thread is, the difference between internal and external threads, common thread patterns, and more.