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What You Need to Know About Cheap Belly Button Rings

Cheap doesn't necessarily mean low quality. At Painful Pleasures, we pride ourselves on our low prices, which is the only thing cheap about our belly rings! We have more than 1,300 belly button rings, some of which start at prices as low as $1.25. If you think that's just an enticement, you may be surprised to find that the average price of most of our belly rings is just $4.99. Take a look at some of the least-cheaply-made cheap belly rings you'll find online here, and learn why truly cheap belly rings are a bad investment at any price.

Basic Nipple Piercing Info

Whether you're about to get your nipples pierced or already have pierced nipples, we have some basic nipple piercing tips and info that you're sure to find useful. In our <em>Basic Nipple Piercing Info</em> article, we cover aftercare, what to do if a problem arises, how to navigate our awesome selection of nipple piercing jewelry, dealing with piercing retainers, and where to find other great resources like how to put on a drop-down nipple shield vs. a circular one...

Nose Rings & Nose Piercing Info

Whether you're looking for nostril piercing aftercare tips, suggestions on how to pick a great new nose ring, the differences between the various styles of nose rings, or just references on where to find more nose piercing information, you'll find the nose piercing info you're looking for here. This article covers everything from the history of nostril piercings to the nose piercing process, nose piercing healing time to popular types of nose rings, where to find other helpful nose piercing resources, and beyond...

Nipple Shield Options

Nipple shields are a fun way to enhance your nipple piercings. What is a nipple shield? Is there more than one kind? Can you wear nipple shields even if you don't have pierced nipples? We answer these questions and more in this helpful Nipple Shield Options guide.

Choosing Your Ideal Nose Piercing Jewelry

If you're looking for new nose piercing jewelry for your bridge, nasallang, rhino, septum, or nostril piercing, we have every style, material and size combination you could possibly want! Explore all of our nose piercing jewelry options, including nose screws, nose bones and labret studs for nostril piercings, septum rings, barbells for bridge piercings, and many other nose piercing jewelry options.

Belly Piercing Resources

We have a lot of great belly button rings and belly piercing information on our site--so much so that it can be hard to know where to start. If you're thinking of having your navel pierced or you're just looking for the coolest new belly button rings online, our Belly Piercing Resources guide will help you figure out where to start. We've included a comprehensive list of all the belly button piercing pages on our site and what you'll find on each one. Even if you want to skip the tips and get right to shopping, this page will help you do that, too.

Tongue Ring Information Guide

We offer a variety of tongue piercing and tongue ring articles, and we've put together this handy guide to help you more easily navigate all of that helpful tongue piercing information. Peruse our lists of tongue piercing and tongue ring articles, read synopses of the articles, and click on any title to read an article in its entirety.

Tongue Rings

Learn about standard tongue ring sizes, how to change your barbell shaft if the one you have isn't the right size, when it's okay to change your tongue ring, what to do if you want to stretch your tongue piercing, and where to find a variety of different types of tongue rings in this article...

Cool Tongue Rings

If you're looking for a super cool tongue ring, then this article's for you! We show you some of the coolest tongue rings in our extensive collection of straight barbells, as well as a few of the tongue ring accessories we carry that can make your tongue ring more fun for you and your partner. This article will also point you to our full tongue ring selection and some of our other helpful tongue ring and tongue piercing information articles.

Gold Tongue Ring Options

Ready to upgrade your jewelry, but don't know where to find the perfect gold tongue ring? We offer several custom gold tongue ring options and over 75 gold tongue ring tops. Check out some of our favorites, including gold tops shaped like spiders, bees, dragonflies, skulls, and flowers, learn where to find all of our gold tongue ring options, and get tips for switching your current tongue ring to a gold tongue ring here...