Body Jewelry Information

Looking for Body Jewelry Manufacturers?

Did you know that Painful Pleasures is a body jewelry manufacturer in addition to being a wholesale distributor and retailer of all things body mod related? We proudly manufacture much of the body jewelry we sell, but our organic jewelry is our hallmark. No other companies come close to doing the volume of organic jewelry manufacturing we do, thanks to the popularity of our Elementals Organics line of body jewelry.

Modifying your Labret - Length and Balls

So you've purchased a Labret, but you don't wear the typical size or you don't like the ball or top that came with the shaft. We have the answer for you. You can easily change the length or top piece by following the instructions and watching the videos on this page...

Body Jewelry Display Cases & Jewelry Display Ideas

Whether you're a piercer who travels the convention circuit and needs portable jewelry display cases, a new tattoo and piercing shop owner looking for body jewelry display cases for your store, or an established shop owner who wants to spice up your existing jewelry displays or just keep your shop well stocked with body jewelry, we have everything you need! Check out some of the jewelry display options discussed below for ideas on unique jewelry displays, jewelry display sets and more...

Investing in a Gold Belly Button Ring

When you buy a gold belly ring, you're making an investment. Choose wisely and select a gold belly button ring in a style and size that will make this piece of jewelry a core component of your collection for years to come. We'll tell you everything you need to consider before purchasing in this guide to picking the perfect gold belly button ring for you.

Choosing the Best Nipple Jewelry

With more than 500 nipple rings to choose from on our website alone, how do you go about choosing the best nipple jewelry for you? We guide you through the most important considerations, including nipple ring materials, threading, sizes, and styles. Once you know what you're looking for, finding your ideal nipple ring will be a breeze!...

Bent Barbells

Bent barbells work especially well in a particular set of piercings, including belly button piercings, eyebrow piercings, and a couple different male and female genital piercings. They're available in a wide variety of length, gauge, ball size, style, and material options, so how do you know what combination is best for your piercing? We'll walk you through choosing the right-sized bent barbell in the best style and material for you here in our Bent Barbells article.

Body Jewelry

You can meet all your body jewelry needs at If you're having trouble finding something, don't hesitate to contact us...

Wholesale Body Jewelry

Whether you're a tattoo and piercing shop owner, an independent piercer, or just a regular person looking for discount body jewelry, Painful Pleasures has what you need! We have one of the world's largest selections of wholesale body jewelry, with more length, gauge and style combinations available than you'll find anywhere on the net. Best of all, we sell high-quality body jewelry at wholesale prices to the general public! If you're an industry professional, you can take advantage of even deeper discounts on bulk jewelry in the Wholesale body jewelry and Distributor body...

Lip Piercings & Lip Rings

Lip piercings have been historically common in many African tribes and South American cultures. The jewelry worn in such lip piercings ranges from rings to decorative lip plates that are typically worn in the lower lip. Lip piercings, like many other types of body mods, have become increasingly popular in mainstream culture over the past couple decades.