Body Jewelry Information

Ear Jewelry for All Sized Lobes

Whether you have standard-sized earlobe piercings or stretched ears, we have the perfect ear jewelry for you! Peruse the many combinations of style, material and size options we offer, ranging from French hook earrings and studs for standard earlobe piercings to large gauge earrings for slightly stretched lobes to awesome plugs and tunnels for stretched lobes upwards of size 0g. Whatever type of ear jewelry your heart desires is here... and if you don't know what you want, we have ideas for you!...

Basic Body Jewelry

What is basic body jewelry? It's the type of jewelry that piercers stock plenty of so that they're ready to pierce you at a moment's notice, no matter what type of piercing you ask for when you arrive. Learn exactly what makes a piece of jewelry considered basic piercing jewelry, which styles of basic body jewelry are used as starter jewelry for different types of piercings, and more...

Dermal Piercing & Surface Piercing FAQs

Some of the most popular types of piercings people get now are surface and dermal piercings. But why? Are dermal, microdermal and surface piercing all names for the same type of piercing, or are they actually different piercings? If they aren't the same, then what makes them different from each other? Can I get a surface or dermal piercing anywhere on my body? Aren’t dermals and surface piercings highly prone to rejection? Read on for the answers to these questions and more...

Nose Piercing FAQs

When it comes to nose piercing, people have lots questions: What types of nose piercings could I get? Which side of the nose should I pierce? Does nose piercing hurt? What nose ring is best for me? And the list goes on... That's why we've put together this helpful list of Nose Piercing FAQs with answers to all your nose piercing questions!...

Body Jewelry Color Chart

Check out all the different colors and patterns you can choose from when purchasing Painful Pleasures body jewelry balls, jewels and other special ends by reviewing our body jewelry Color Charts.

Opening & Closing Traditional vs. Snap Fit Captive Bead Rings

Did you know that there are two primary styles of captive bead rings? Traditional captive bead rings are tension-style rings that often require ring opening and ring closing pliers to manipulate. Learn about the differences between traditional CBRs and Snap Fit captive rings, and get instructions for manipulating traditional captive rings using tools available on

How to Measure Organic Body Jewelry

How you measure organic body jewelry depends on the style of jewelry you're measuring. This article covers how to measure the size of plugs and tunnels in different shapes, as well as organic body jewelry in other shapes like spirals, talons, hooks, pinchers, and so on.

How to Put on a Nipple Shield

Learn how to properly put on a drop-down nipple shield, a circular nipple shield, and a non-piercing nipple shield in this helpful article. We've included step-by-step instructions and illustrations for your benefit, as well as tips for creating fake nipple rings out of classic captive bead rings, for those who love the look of pierced nipples but aren't ready to take the plunge.

How to Bend a Fishtail Into a Nose Screw

Fishtails are great resources for piercing artists to keep on hand for customers who want custom nose screws made for their nostril piercings. In this guide, we provide step-by-step instructions for using jewelry pliers to bend a fishtail into a custom-fit nose screw that you can use yourself or craft for a client's nostril piercing.

How to Clean Jewelry

It's important to clean your jewelry before inserting it or re-inserting it into a piercing. In this article, we talk about how to properly clean body jewelry made from different materials. using an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your body jewelry, and more...