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Photo of double crystal jeweled navel ringBelly button piercings are one of the hottest types of piercings, particularly for women. If you're thinking about having your navel pierced, we have some of the best resources online to help guide you through not only the piercing process, but also belly button piercing aftercare, shopping for the perfect belly rings for you, and more. To help you navigate all the great information and the hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful belly button rings on our site, we've put together this helpful Belly Piercing Resources guide. Just click a link below to go right to the belly button piercing page you're most interested in seeing first.


Belly Button Piercing Resources Photo of jeweled butterfly belly button ring

The Belly Button Piercing & Healing Process - If you're looking for information on the history of belly button piercings, an explanation of the navel piercing process, belly button piercing healing times, or navel piercing care tips, this page will have all the info you need and more.

Belly Piercing Aftercare - If you're getting your belly button pierced, you should definitely brush up on piercing aftercare tips first. Good aftercare is critical for a new piercing. If you don't care for your new belly button piercing properly, your belly ring may migrate out or you could leave yourself susceptible to infection. Read our Body Piercing Aftercare article to learn about the best methods for keeping your new navel piercing clean, what to do if you suspect infection, and more great belly button piercing aftercare information.

How to Buy the Best Belly Ring for You - This page contains detailed information about factors to consider when selecting belly rings, like material, style, size, and more. It also includes a list of belly ring categories on our site, and what you'll find in each section.

Photo of synthetic opal titanium belly button ringQuick Tips for Choosing a Belly Button Ring - This page provides simple tips for picking the perfect belly ring. If you want to skip the tips and go straight to shopping, visit our Belly Rings section now. A small sampling of the beautiful belly button rings you'll find there are shown throughout this page.

How to Modify Your Belly Ring - If you love the charms on your new belly ring, but you need a shaft in a different length or gauge, or if you've found the right shaft but want to change your bottom ball, we have a solution. Use these tips and our instructional videos for modifying any belly ring to suit your size needs and style preferences.


Investing in a Gold Belly Button Ring - If you're specifically interested in gold belly rings, this page will point you to all the different types of gold belly button rings we offer.Photo of gold plated belly button ring with jeweled elephant charm

What You Need to Know About Cheap Belly Button Rings - At Painful Pleasures, "cheap" doesn't mean poor quality, it means great quality at a great price. Cheap, shoddy-quality belly rings can come with a number of problems. This article details what to look out for and why it's better to get a good-quality belly ring at a great low price--i.e. the kind of cheap belly rings Painful Pleasures offers. We'll introduce you to the thousands of attractive yet inexpensive options we offer, so you can get yourself a quality belly ring from our selection rather than settling for a low-quality navel ring elsewhere.

Tips for Picking a Custom Belly Ring - If you want a custom belly button ring in a specific length-gauge-material-style combo, check out our Custom Belly Button Rings page for tips on finding the perfect custom belly ring for you. Photo of custom made belly button ring

Navel Piercing Community - Our forum has a section dedicated to navel piercings where you can read about other people's belly button piercing experiences, share your own story, get tips on belly button piercing aftercare, or even submit a question for our knowledgeable moderators and experienced community members to answer.

Photo of green jeweled navel clicker ring jewelryCaptive Bead Belly Button Rings - We don't sell clip-on belly rings, but we can share a trick for making it look like you have your belly button pierced that's totally pain-free. Just buy a captive bead ring, pop out the captive bead, and then slide the gap between the two ends of the ring over the flap of skin that forms the upper rim of your belly button cavity. If it's too loose to stay put, just squeeze the two sides of the captive ring gently to narrow the gap and make it fit snugly but comfortably over your belly button. Voila! You can also check out our variety of navel clicker rings. The clicker mechanism has a hinged closure, which allows for easy insertion and removal of the jewelry.

Tip: Make sure to put the captive bead somewhere safe. That way, if you ever get your belly button pierced for real, you'll have a great starter belly button ring. Don't fret if you lose the captive bead. We sell replacement captive beads, too, if you ever need one.