Belly Button Rings

How to Modify Your Belly Button Ring

If you've purchased a belly ring, but you either don't wear the typical 14 gauge 7/16"-long size or you don't like the gem color that came with the charm, we have a solution for you. It's very easy to change your belly ring's gauge, length or color to suit your needs and preferences. Just use the instructions and watch the videos in our How to Modify Your Belly Ring article to turn your new navel ring into the perfect belly button ring for you.

Zodiac Symbols

Learn about your Zodiac sign, your elemental attractions, love, and wealth trends associated with your sign, and then shop for hot belly rings featuring each of the Zodiac symbols! We offer a wealth of information about zodiac symbols, as well as fun body jewelry that will tell the world what sign you are.

Quick Tips for Choosing a Belly Button Ring

If you're in the market for a new belly button ring and need help wading through the hundreds upon hundreds of belly rings available on, our Quick Tips for Choosing a Belly Button Ring will help. We cover the key elements to consider before making a purchase, including belly ring size, style, material, and placement options. We also give you the lowdown on what you'll find in each belly ring shopping category on our site, so you can jump right to the one that interests you most.

How to Buy the Best Belly Rings for You

If you want a new belly button ring but don't know where to begin with so many options available to you, our How to Buy the Best Belly Rings for You article will help! We talk about all the different belly ring options available to you and the benefits of each, show you some of our favorites from each category, and give you ideas for coordinating your belly rings with your outfits and personality. Start reading... and then start shopping!

Tips for Picking a Custom Belly Ring

Did you know that Painful Pleasures offers custom belly rings in more length, gauge and style combinations than any other site online? With so many options, how can you possibly choose? Don't worry! We'll set you on the right track to purchasing the perfect custom-made belly button ring for you. We've broken down all the custom belly ring options we offer in this helpful guide, as well as provided tips on how even our standard belly button rings can be customized.

Investing in a Gold Belly Button Ring

When you buy a gold belly ring, you're making an investment. Choose wisely and select a gold belly button ring in a style and size that will make this piece of jewelry a core component of your collection for years to come. We'll tell you everything you need to consider before purchasing in this guide to picking the perfect gold belly button ring for you.

What You Need to Know About Cheap Belly Button Rings

Cheap doesn't necessarily mean low quality. At Painful Pleasures, we pride ourselves on our low prices, which is the only thing cheap about our belly rings! We have more than 1,300 belly button rings, some of which start at prices as low as $1.25. If you think that's just an enticement, you may be surprised to find that the average price of most of our belly rings is just $4.99. Take a look at some of the least-cheaply-made cheap belly rings you'll find online here, and learn why truly cheap belly rings are a bad investment at any price.

Belly Piercing Resources We have a lot of great belly button rings and belly piercing information on our site--so much so that it can be hard to know where to start. If you're thinking of having your navel pierced or you're just looking for the coolest new belly button rings online, our Belly Piercing Resources guide will help you figure out where to start. We've included a comprehensive list of all the belly button piercing pages on our site and what you'll find on each one. Even if you want to skip the tips and get right to shopping, this page...