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Historical and expected edition of Venice International Tattoo Convention, Event that promotes the meeting of some of the best Artists from Italy and from all around the world. The Venice International Tattoo Convention has as philosophy the comparison between ancient cultures, which are now the highest expression in the tattoo Artists who have managed to elevate this Art that, for thousands of years, man has used as a form of direct and indelible communication. So, this is a cultural exchange, a pass to the future to keep alive a cultural tradition, an ancestral experience within the tattoo, innovative techniques and increasingly optimizing, to disclose this noble art in the most elevated sense of term, bringing attention of society at the research and the harmony with which the Artist can impress on the skin what person wants to communicate.

Russott Hotel Congress Center
via Orlanda 4 – loc. San Giuliano
30173 – Venezia

Tuesday, August 29, 2017