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For the second time the Tattoo Circus will be performing in the Mannheim Maimarkthalle - this time (again) at a not quite ordinary tattoo convention with an extraordinary and unique supporting program

With the first Tattoo Circus, the tattoo convention scene was taken to the next level by overriding some common convention normality - and the response was overwhelming.

We do our best to present the Tattoo Circus Rhein-Neckar as an unforgettable convention experience. Discover the culture of tattooing, whatever its style, meet some crazy people and select tattoo artists and enjoy impressive shows and attractions.

Everyone is welcome at the Tattoo Circus, we want to open the world of tattooing - and especially the convention scene - to anyone who is interested. Whether you are already tattooed or not, whether you come to "recharge your batteries" or just to gather new ideas or simply because you are interested.

In addition to national and international tattoo artists, you can expect exhibitors and a stage and supporting program that makes time fly by, and one or the other tattoo model is certainly also ready for a picture.

Tattoo Circus is much more than an ordinary tattoo convention!

Open your eyes to the world of Tattoo Circus. With tattoos, dealers, spectacular shows, live music, walking acts and much more.

The Tattoo Circus offers a lot of tattoo, piercing, streetstyle, jewelry, textiles, accessories and much more.


For more information, visit their website.


Maimarkt Mannheim
Xaver-Fuhr-Straße 101,
68163 Mannheim,

Friday, November 2, 2018 to Sunday, November 4, 2018