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Monster Ink Tattoo Fest

Welcome to the webpage of the very first Monster Ink Tattoo Fest! Our mission is to bring tattoo conventions to the next level. To accomplish this, we selected the best and most inspiring tattoo artist around the globe to exercise their passion. All they need is a canvas. You!

For your entertainment, The Fuel Girls are performing multiple shows a day. Yes, they are hot, and yes, they spit fire. But that’s not all. We host a nonstop entertainment program, including cool merchandise, customs cars and bikes, and the hottest tattooed women competing for the title “Miss Monster Ink 2016”.

Need some rest? The lounge area offers a great bunch of street-food and drinks.

Monster Ink Tattoo Fest is spread over two areas. One area is for free and accessible for everyone. The other is where all the fun happens, for a very reasonable price.


What’s a tattoo convention without the opportunity to compete with the best.

The very first International Monster Ink Tattoo Fest will host several competitions. Firstly, tattoo contests will be held on both days. Get your appointment with one of the many respectable artists attending and maybe you and your artist will take home ‘Best of Day’ or a different prize in one of the many categories. To keep it fair, only tattoos made on the convention can compete.
Stay tuned for more information!

Secondly, get your napkins ready and start drooling for the Miss Monster Ink 2016 contest. Are you, or is one of your friends, a hot tattooed and foxy lady? Enlist her or yourself and maybe one of you will be chosen Miss Monster Ink 2016. Guys, you do not want to miss out.

For more information, go to their website

Evenementenhal Venray
De Voorde 30
5807 EZ Venray

Saturday, October 8, 2016 to Sunday, October 9, 2016