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If you're addicited to tattoos, get ready for the Mexico Tattoo Expo. Some years ago having some type of tattoo was something "frowned upon" but thanks to the evolution of culture, tattooing has now acquired a more artistic connotation and nowadays anyone, no matter where they work, lives or is engaged to, they most likely have a tattoo.

That is why the Mexico Tattoo Expo has been created, an ideal space for lovers of tattoos and everything that surrounds it. In the expo, you can interact and get to know more closely the ink community. For the first edition the event will have many activities that will make it unique, inaddition to conferences and workshops, there will be sports activities such as skate, and streetball demos, live concerts, after parties, graffiti exhibition, tattoo contests and more surprises. Making this event an innovative, cultural, creative and alternative party.

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Hall of Arms, Mexico City, Mexico

Saturday, December 9, 2017 to Sunday, December 10, 2017
Mexico City