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Ink Mania is way more than any other tattoo convention and we are breaking through all taboos on this topic. We are proud to present this lifestyle event which is open to the public and focused on entertainment.

Open your eyes for a unique world where we show you the history of tattoos, lost of spectacular shows, live band performances and some unique experiences that have never been showed in Belgium before. Have you ever hear of suspension piercings or "Death Do Us Part"? Are you dumbfounded when you hear Badchix and have you ever seen the making of a tattoo?

Don’t you know what a lowrider or custom bike is? Don’t panic, we don’t only entertain the die hard tattoo fans but we are opening our convention to everybody that is interested. Enjoy the renewed tattoo scene without taboos.

INK Mania offers awesome stuff for all kinds of people and we don’t have any prejudices.
Be yourself, be amazed by this new world and enjoy shows you have never seen before!

For more information, head over to their website.

Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 70
3500 Hasselt

Saturday, June 24, 2017 to Sunday, June 25, 2017