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The EXOTICA TATTOO CONVENTION Francavilla Fontanais an adventure of three days dedicated to the art of ink on skin, which connects fans with the universe of the tattoo professionals. From all over Italy tattoo artists will gather to present their artistic performances to the public, challenging each other in the "Contest" organized into categories. The convention is made up of meetings but mainly tells the ancient art of tattooing "live".

The Convention, in its first year, is expected by thousands of fans of this art. In three days you can experience and learn about the tattoo world, admire the creations of the best studies, in a context where the tattooed body, with different techniques and images, is experienced in everyday life.

Over the booth will be able to get a tattoo, keep abreast of new engraving techniques, significant knowledge about all that revolves around this great branch of art.

The event aims to be a reference point for the art of tattooing, cult status and fashion, among so many; in fact it is no longer regarded as a practice directed to a restricted circle of fans, but it is a real passion in the ascendant.

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Hotel Residence Laurito
road pronciale 54 Francavilla -Manduria Km5,
72024 Oria,


Friday, May 26, 2017 to Sunday, May 28, 2017