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This is an artist-only event for tattoo education and sharing! Instructors include: Theresa Sharpe, Denis Sivak, Carlox Angarita, Edgar Marquez, John "Yogi" Barrett, Joshua Carlton, Liz Cook, Daniel Rocha, Mark Wosgerau, Zac "Lefty" Colbert, and Jamy Carreno.

Course Descriptions:

Yogi Barrett - Searchlight Tattoo, Centerville, GA. In his seminar you will learn his entire process, all the way from finding your reference, to taking the picture, and everything in between. He'll be going over what he uses, how he uses it and all of his techniques. 

Join Jamy Carreno for a lesson on how to be a successful traveling artist. Jamy has been trekking the country for several years and has over 100 conventions in her repertoire. This extensive wayfaring has taught her some harsh lessons as well as invaluable information which she will be sharing with you in her seminar. Topics range from organization and client list, hotel and airfare secrets and ensuring you are maximizing your time and work ethic so that you can be more successful. Not only financially, but to enrich your career and take you to the next level. Be prepared to spend two hours on this class.

Daniel Rocha – Daniel is a tattoo arists and owner of Seven Tattoo Studio in Law Vegas, NV. Many artists ask him how he creates and produces his tattoos. Join Daniel as he goes over the following objectives:

  • Composition and Reference(s)
  • Going into a piece with the right state of mind
  • In depth understanding of the value of greys wile translating it into the skin
  • Technique on intricate area(s) of the tattoo

Edgar Marguez – Long Beach Ink Assassins, Long Beach, CA. Edgar’s seminar covers the foundation of drawing, shapes, gestures, and learning how to manipulate values to obtain a more powerful design on tattooing, drawing or painting.

Liz Cook – Co-owner, Rebel Muse Tattoo, Dallas, TX

A technical seminar featuring the entire Liz Cook process with heavy focus of color theory, techniques and application. Gain insight into her method including everything from layering to airbrush gradations while learning how to maximize color control and mix for any project in any style. Planning, composition, effective critiques and troubleshooting different skin types, are just the tip of the iceberg in this all-out inclusive seminar. Instructive handouts and O&A throughout. 

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016 to Thursday, August 4, 2016
United States