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The Bike & Tattoo show is more than ever a key event of the motorcycle season, and a reference for the world of tattooing. No other event of this scale in Canada met under the same theme of “personalization”, as nearly two passions – motorcycles/custom cars and tattoos – the Bike & Tattoo show. Presented at the heart of the spring, it marks the official beginning of the “summer”. All lovers and craftsmen from the world of motorcycle and tattoo need to be there.

Customizing our bike, our car and even our body is a way of showing who we are, to stand out and reveal our personality. The Bike & Tattoo show is visited by open-minded people. The public wants to know, see, hear, touch and discover new products, meet experts, chat with them and with other enthusiasts like them. Of course to have fun and have fun with a friendly and festive atmosphere that has made the reputation of the Bike & Tattoo show. 

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2890 Boulevard Dagenais O
Laval, QC H7R 1L7

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 to Thursday, March 17, 2016