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  • May 24, 2019
  • britt

Parque Vila Germânica
R. Alberto Stein, 199 – Velha,
Blumenau – SC, 89036-200,

Once again we are here to thank, not only the 3 days of the second edition of art day, but the 365 days of much effort, affection, dedication and commitment of a whole team.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the event, exhibitors, visitors and collaborators who made the 2th art day blumenau tattoo convention even more special.

Thank the city of blumenau for the hospitality ever, to our supporters for support and sponsors Joao Carlos Rech Junior, Thiago Ferreira Jr. and Jonathan Benkendorff for believing from the beginning in our event.

To our judges, Fernando Giehl Tampa, Adriano Souza, Hankey Jee, Tainã Farias, Greg Oliveira, Adriano Kobayashi, Christian Arae, and Verani Fontana for having given us the Honor to form the jury bench of our second edition, and the artist Ale Amorin for the amazing work done in our trophies.

The donations that allowed us to collect about 300 pounds of foods that were donated to Associação Casa São Simeão.

The whole team of the organization, and those who stayed behind the scenes, Glauciane De Souza Felizardo , Luciano Felizardo, Nane Pereira , Araújo Tiiagoo, Parque Vila Germânica , Proeb, Jan Ricardo Dickmann, Grupo Vigifort , Anjos da Vida Saúde, Getal, who made the event happen giving all the support needed for our team.

To Tattoo 2 Me for the affection to come cover our event.

A special thanks to Mateus Wilsinski for developing the art of this edition with all affection, to Arthur Mfo for the spelling of the poster, and to the artist Mauricio Huber for providing us with the release of the third edition, our thank you so much Art created for art day blumenau tattoo convention 2019.

Many thanks to everyone and that 2019 is another weekend of much art, exchange of experiences and fun.

Third art day blumenau tattoo convention – June 2019.

Friday, June 7, 2019 to Sunday, June 9, 2019