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The Rimini Tattoo Convention is a three-day trip dedicated to the art of ink on leather, which connects enthusiasts with the universe of professionals of this discipline. The greatest tattoo artists come together to present their skills to the public, competing in numerous competitions divided into categories. The convention is made of meetings, performances, interventions of guests related to the world of tattooing, but above all tells the great art of tattoo live, with the protagonists of different styles and traits. Mattatore, as usual, at the microphone of our events you will find Alberto Pernazza Argentesi In the three days you can experiment and learn about the world of tattoo, admire the creations of the best Italian studios, placed in a context where the body tattooed with the most disparate techniques and images is the norm.

In the stands it will be possible to experiment with tattoos, to get to know new techniques, to get in touch with what revolves around the art of engraving. On the racing front, Alberto Pernazza will always be doing the honors, already a protagonist at Chiambretti Night, a cultist in the field of tattoo. And to choose the winners, it will be a quality jury, composed by professionals. The competitions are developed in the 3 days, can participate in tattoos performed at most 50% in the studio.The competitions are divided into different categories and give rise to a real live contest.Every day is elected the Best Tattoo of the Day, award dedicated to the best work done in the convention during the day, while Saturday touches these categories: Traditional (Old School and New School), Ethnic, Traditional Japanese and Figurative, Best Artist.

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105 Stadium
Piazzale Renzo Pasolini,
1c, 47924 Rimini

Friday, March 23, 2018 to Sunday, March 25, 2018