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Welcome to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

Being the capital of Taiwan, the long historical source of Taipei provides a strong, cultural foundation for artistic designs which can be best shown in its traditional and fashionable art pieces. Understanding Taipei can best help us to understand the fashionable trend of Taiwan.

Other than the tattoo exhibtion, you can also take a nice, enjoyable trip in Taipei. You can visit the famous 101 building in the daytime and at night, you cant ry our delicate Chinese food in the night market. In the exhibition, you will be able to see the Exchange Conference Reports between the top international tattooists and also, live tattoo competition will be held simultaneously.

For more information, head over to their website.

Songshan Cultural Park
No.133, Guangfu S. Rd.
Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110

Friday, July 7, 2017 to Sunday, July 9, 2017