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10th Anniversary of Tattoo Jam Radom !!!

Tattoo Jam will last again 3 days !!!

We started 10 years ago in the "Łaźnia" Creative Communities Club. The next editions took place in the Czytelnia Kawy, Galeria ROSA and in the Catacombs. Two editions of Tattoo Jam were also held in Krakow and one in Chorzów.

It is impossible to describe how the tattoo has changed over 10 years and its perception and how much artistic progress has taken place on the Polish Tattoo Stage. Did Tattoo Jam change anything? Yes of course!!!

He influenced the positive perception of the tattoo culture by the inhabitants of Radom.
From the beginning of existence, it is a convention with a Free Introduction.
It is the FIRST three-day tattoo convention in Poland.
As the FIRST tattoo convention obtained the Patronage of the Mayor - in our case, Mr. President Radosław Witkowski.
It is here that the artists who won awards at the biggest conventions in Poland and abroad exhibited their first time!

Tattoo Jam Radom is 10 years of real smiles and immortal friendships!

And on August 31, we see, of course, the Catacombs (Old Town Square 11).

The number of seats is limited to 30 positions, and the priority is given to the artists who exhibited during the last edition in 2017.

In the competitions we will evaluate not only tattoos made during the convention but also tattoos that have already been healed, that is, those made earlier in tattoo parlors.


Friday 31 August (start at 17:00) 
Tattoo "Crazy" 
Tattoo Small Black and Gray 
Tattoo Big Black and Gray 
Tattoo of the Day

Saturday 1 September (start at 17:00) 
Tattoo Old School 
Tattoo New School 
Tattoo Small Colorful 
Tattoo Large Colorful 
Tattoo of the Day

Sunday September 2 (start at 3:00 PM) 
Tattoo Patriotic 
Tattoo Tattoo "Cartoon" 
Tattoo of the Day 
Best of the Best

square Old Town 11

Friday, August 31, 2018 to Sunday, September 2, 2018