Extreme Body Mods

Mar 27, 2017

Scarification is becoming more common, and one of the most common methods is an old throwback. Branding is truly for those who take pleasure in pain.

Oct 21, 2016

A fresh start is sometimes one of the most desirable things for former and current gang members. Read up on a couple of these organizations dedicated to helping them take that step.

May 06, 2016

Tattooing started out as a painstaking process that sometimes took several days to complete even the smallest designs. Previous to the invention of the electronic tattoo machine, tattoo artists had...

Oct 21, 2015

Spending money on high quality ink will always set you apart from the tattoo pack to be sure. But what if that is not enough? What if you need to be further out on the edge? What is it like out there...

Apr 05, 2015

Learn about the history of human suspension, the act of suspending a person from large-gauge hooks placed through temporary body piercings created immediately before the act of suspension.

Mar 20, 2015

What drives body modifiers to get tattooed, pierced, scarified, or branded, have implants inserted, or get other extreme mods? We take a look at the psychological motivators behind body modification.

Sep 29, 2014

If you're intrigued by the idea of needle play but don't know how to get started, these tips will help you with everything from what type of needles to use to performing safe needle play.....