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Body Jewelry

Mar 26, 2020

Inner-ear piercings are an eye-catching alternative to traditional piercings. Check out our guide on all the style options for your inner-ear piercing.

Mar 20, 2020

Captive bead rings are quite common, but are also different when it comes to how to change them. Learn how to change captive bead rings with our simple guide.

Mar 12, 2020

If you want to find the perfect gift that is truly special this National Jewel Day, we have the perfect list of unique ideas for you.

Mar 05, 2020

Opening a piercing shop is no small undertaking. Check out our list of the most essential piercing & body jewelry supplies for new owners. Read more.

Sep 05, 2018

As body modifications become more mainstream, the options for body jewlery have grown to include higher quality materials and more interesting designs.

Apr 10, 2017

Lately, there have been claims that an inner-ear piercing known as a “daith piercing” can help alleviate migraine headaches. We try to separate fact from fiction regarding this new trend.

May 20, 2015

A quick search on Google shows that geometry has been gaining popularity in the last five years, and no, it’s not for math class.